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The Master of Arts (M.A., Magister Artium) is the most common Master's degree besides the Master of Science (M.Sc.) and nowadays awarded by most universities in Europe as well as world-wide. In combination with a 3-year or 4-year bachelor programme Master programmes replace old five-year programmes such as the German Magister and Diplom or the Dutch doctorandus. The study duration of a Master of Arts programme differs. There are 1-year as well as 2-year Master programmes offered.

According to the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) on average 30 credits each semester have to be achieved. A one-year programme has therefore typically 60 ECTS, a two-year programme 120 ECTS accordingly. The Master of Arts is typically awarded in fields such as languages, history, geography, philosophy, fine arts but also social sciences and has thus an overlap with the Master of Science.

In order to receive a Master of Arts, the completion of a dissertation based on independent research is usually required besides the completion of courses.

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From literature to landscape, from innovation to internationalisation, Ireland offers a lot of opportunities in education and research… and the warmest of welcomes from the world’s friendliest nation!

273 Master of Arts Master's degrees in Ireland

M.A. Anthropology

The MA in Anthropology from Maynooth University is an advanced degree in socio-cultural anthropology in which students are given a sophisticated introduction to the theoretical underpinnings of the discipline, a block of modules that open up and explore the conceptual and methodological core of the discipline, and a series of specialized modules.

M.A. Comparative Criminology and Criminal Justice

Given the impact of globalising processes on crime and on society more generally in the contemporary era, the Department of Law has identified the need for a programme to deepen engagement with the global across a wide range of criminological and criminal justice issues. The Comparative Criminology and Criminal Justice programme is offered by the Maynooth University.

M.A. International Peace Building, Security and Development Practice

This International Peace Building, Security and Development Practice programme at Maynooth University empowers actors and practitioners from development, security and other peace and security related institutional backgrounds involved in international peace-building with the knowledge, skills and competencies that will enable them to provide leadership.

M.A. Gender Studies

Formerly the MA in Women, Gender and Society, our recently renamed MA in Gender Studies at University College Dublin continues to deliver rigorous, critical, dynamic learning in feminisms, sexualities, masculinities, gender debates, politics and activisms.  

M.A. Marketing Management

You control international marketing and advertising campaigns, you work together with partners, colleagues and agencies throughout the world: with a Master's degree in Marketing Management from IUBH University of Applied Sciences, you can become a leading marketing executive in a globally based company.

Master Programmes
M.A. Leadership and Management

An IUBH University of Applied Sciences M.A. in Leadership and Management is the ideal launch pad to an international management career. As an IUBH master graduate, you are set for a successful career in a continually changing global business environment.

Master Programmes
M.A. History of the Family

The central purpose of the MA in the History of the Family is to combine the strengths of two traditions: that of the independent researcher into family history and that of established disciplines in history particularly the well developed sub discipline of the history of the family.  

Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences
M.A. Theatre Practice and Production

This full-time MA programme aims to prepare students for professional-level work in the theatre and/or other creative industries—or to deepen the knowledge of people who are already working in those fields. Students take modules in many different aspects of theatre practice, including ensemble performance, direction, acting, and so on. An optional internship with an Irish theatre company forms part of the course. During hte summer months, students complete a practice-based project, involving the staging of their own plays and/or performances, which they write about in the form of a final dissertation.

College of Arts, Social Sciences, & Celtic Studies
M.A. Modern Irish

Irish - Modern Irish(Nua-Ghaeilge) MA, University College Cork The course includes modules on literature in Irish, Irish language and Irish manuscripts and palaeography. The development of the Irish language over time is also treated, as well as its appearance in the modern dialects, particularly those of Munster. An essential part of the course is the submission of a dissertation presenting research undertaken during the year. All teaching is conducted through Irish.

College of Arts, Celtic Studies and Social Sciences
M.A. Consciousness and Embodiment

The Master of Arts in Consciousness and Embodiment at the University College Dublin teaches students to develop an overview of the human well-being, combining philosophical analytics and phenomenology with the empirical studies of body and mind. This Master’s programme covers fields such as philosophy of the mind, cognitive sciences, embodiment phenomenology and other.

University College Dublin School of Philosophy
M.A. Comparative Literature

The programme offers graduates in languages and related arts and humanities subjects a cross-disciplinary, inter-medial training which embraces both theoretical aspects and practical analysis. It also offers access to a selection of the School’s other specialisms through options running in other programmes.

Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences
M.A. Archaeology

The MA Archaeology in University College Dublin is a Level 9, 90 credit programme which will provide students with a high level of competency in conducting independent archaeological research in a variety of context, from the academic though to the professional.

UCD School of Archaeology
M.A. Irish Studies - Literature and History

This is an interdisciplinary programme, drawing on the disciplines of English, History, Irish, Sociology and Political Science, and is run within the Centre for Irish Studies. The programme focuses on the 19th and 20th centuries and provides a critical examination of key issues in the historical, cultural and social development of modern Ireland. 

College of Arts, Social Sciences, & Celtic Studies
M.A. Master in Music Performance

The Master in Music Performance is a structured course normally comprising two years' full-time study.In designing this programme the Academy has allocated to the student a significant amount of individual tuition from the instrumental/vocal teacher. The number of students admitted to the course is small and therefore will only be open to graduates of proven excellence.

M.A. Ancient Philosophy

The study of ancient philosophy has more than mere academic interest, for the ancient thinkers set themselves the task of securing for their students ‘the good life’, that is, the capacity to live as well as one may in ways that are appropriate for rational and conscientious beings. 

M.A. Early & Medieval Irish

Irish - Early and Medieval Irish MA, University College Cork This course is concerned with Early Irish language and literature in the period from 600AD to 1200AD, and focuses on the study of language, grammar, texts, and their historical and literary contexts. Students are encouraged to develop their skills in close reading of sources, and in close analysis of the medieval Irish language.

College of Arts, Celtic Studies and Social Sciences
M.A. Festive Arts

The Irish World Aademy of Music and Dance has been Ireland’s premier centre for music and dance performance education since its foundation twenty years ago.

Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences
M.A. Social Studies

The MA in Social Studies is a four semester (Level 9) taught programme which aims to develop skilled social science researchers and critically-minded social studies thinkers who will have a direct impact in the ongoing development of the Knowledge Society. The programme builds on the strengths developed over many years in the School of Humanities in the area of social care and social studies.

M.A. Digital Media Development in Education

This programme is intended to service the next step in successful ICT implementation in schools, that of supporting teachers in the use of ICT in teaching. It is intended to broaden the intake to include participants that are not qualified teachers.

Faculty of Education and Health Sciences
M.A. Digital Cultures

This programme introduces students to concepts, debates, tools and practices related to the application of digital technologies to both the creative arts and humanities research. It therefore offers students scope for both reflective analysis and advanced digital skills acquisition.

College of Arts, Social Sciences, & Celtic Studies
M.A. Children's Literature and Young Adult Literature

The Masters programme offers a wide ranging course of study in the history and development of children's literature and introduces students to crucial areas of research. The course concentrates on the art and the politics of children's literature, and students read widely amongst both established and popular fiction and poetry for children in their first year of study

English Department
M.A. Translation Studies

The MA in Translation Studies / MA i Staidéar an Aistriúcháin at Dublin City University is a one-year, full-time or a two year part-time programme which provides advanced linguistic and technical training, leading to a postgraduate qualification in Translation Studies.

Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences
M.A. Public Relations

The Master of Arts in Public Relations is a one-year full time programme combining lectures, project work, the production of an academic dissertation and work experience with a view to preparing students for a successful career in public relations.

Postgraduate Admissions
M.A. Modern Language Studies

This full-time MA in Modern Language Studies has been designed specifically with the aim of providing students who already have a background in Spanish, French or German at undergraduate level with a comprehensive foundation on the methodologies and critical issues surrounding language studies and the cultural and social contexts of the chosen language.

Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences
M.A. Journalism

 The course teaches professional skills vital to all journalists entering the ever changing multimedia work place. These skills include: news and feature writing; broadcasting; multimedia journalism; interviewing; investigative reporting and research methods. The application of these professional skills to print, broadcasting and multimedia journalism, will be a major part of the course.  

Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences
M.A. Journalism

The MA (Journalism) is designed to provide education and training for entry to the profession of journalism. It combines the practical, analytical, theoretical, and technical skills necessary to the practice of journalism in contemporary media.

College of Arts, Social Sciences, & Celtic Studies
M.A. Music

This is a two year part-time degree. In year one, students attend a range of courses to the equivalent of 12 taught units. In year two, students participate in a research seminar and undertake independent work specialising in research, composition, performance or conducting.

Music Department
M.A. Translation Studies

This is an interdisciplinary MA programme, which explores and critiques the importance of translation in contemporary society. Students with a background in two languages—French, German, Irish, Italian or Spanish—will consolidate and extend their translation skills between these languages and English.

College of Arts, Social Sciences, & Celtic Studies
M.A. Italian stream A & B

The MA in Italian is a full-time programme running for one year from the date of first registration for the taught programme. The Masters consists of two streams: one cultural, the other language and translation based.

College of Arts, Celtic Studies and Social Sciences
M.A. Sexuality Studies

The MA in Sexuality Studies is a unique, interdisciplinary, postgraduate programme offering specialist theoretical training in issues relating to all sexualities in the Irish, European and global contexts. It is jointly established by the School of Applied Language and Intercultural Studies, and the School of Nursing.

Faculty of Science and Health
M.A. International Theatre Studies

The International MA in Theatre Studies is a unique and innovative collaborative programme between St. Patricks College and the University of Angers, France. This exciting one-year programme draws on European and Irish theatre expertise, sensibility and experience. 

English Department
M.A. Classics

The MA in Classics combines research skills modules, seminar modules, a thesis on a topic related to the ancient world.  It is also possible to take modules in Greek and Latin. This one-year programme is an ideal way to enhance your understanding of the ancient world.

School of Classics
M.A. Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages

This MA in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) has been designed specifically with the aim of providing initial teacher education for those wishing to become teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL; this takes in English as a Foreign Language, EFL, and English as a Second Language, ESL). 

Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences
M.A. Philosophy

This MA relates discourses and developments in the history in Western philosophy up to the 21st century. It thus aims at carrying out a serious philosophical analysis of some of the underlying cultural themes and philosophical presuppositions of Western self understanding and contemporary society. Building upon the strengths of critical thinking, systematic reflection, and historical awareness developed at undergraduate level, the programme allows the student to explore thematic concerns of philosophers in the Western tradition from medieval times to the 21st century.

Faculty of Arts, Celtic Studies and Philosophy
M.A. Political Communication

This programme examines the rapidly changing relationship between the media, politics and the public, and considers how their overlapping relations influence democracy and the distribution of power.

Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences
M.A. Politics

The MA in Politics is a one-year, full-time programme that enables students to choose the areas they wish to specialise in within the field of politics. 

Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences
M.A. Art & Design Education

This innovative programme offers the specific award of Master of Arts in Art and Design Education. The programme is aimed at art educators working within a wide range of educational sectors who are interested in further developing their knowledge and skills in the area of visual arts education.

Art, Design & Media
M.A. Irish Studies (Literature and Music)

This new MA in Irish Studies (Literature and Music) offers an intensive academic curriculum in Irish Literature Studies and Irish Music Studies, focusing in particular on the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.  Using a dynamic interdisciplinary approach, aspects of Irish historical experience and Irish identities are examined through the prism of music, from traditional to popular, and through critical reading of literature in Irish (studied in translation) and in English. 

College of Arts, Social Sciences, & Celtic Studies
M.A. Philosophy and Literature

The MA in Philosophy and Literature from University College Dublin will be useful for any job requiring a subtle understanding of debate and disagreement, or requiring close attention to texts, especially in the cultural sector.

University College Dublin School of Philosophy
M.A. International Relations

Students on this programme come not only from Ireland and Europe but from all corners of the globe including China, Nigeria and the United States. Many come directly from undergraduate studies. Our programme provides such students with the option of obtaining a focused postgraduate degree.

Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences
M.A. Social Work

The MA in Social Work (MSW) programme is located within the School of Political Science and Sociology. It is an innovative programme, one of the newest programmes in the country, committed in particular to the promotion of human rights and social justice. The MA in Social Work programme provides accredited professional education and training in social work. 

College of Arts, Social Sciences, & Celtic Studies
M.A. Economics

The MA (Economics), University College Cork gives you a competitive edge for finding employment. The course enables you to develop the skills of an economist by offering you the opportunity to work with leading businesses and policymakers on the competitiveness challenges and opportunities they face.

College of Business and Law
M.A. Politics and International Relations (Part Time)

The MA Politics and International Relations is designed to accommodate the scheduling needs of working professionals in government, journalism, the NGO sector and other areas who wish to deepen their education in politics and international relations whilst continuing their employment

School of Politics and International Relation
M.A. English - Texts and Contexts: Medieval to Renaissance

The English - Texts and Contexts: Medieval to Renaissance MA from University College Cork, offering Old English, Middle English, and Renaissance modules, explores the full variety and contexts of writing from the islands of Britain and Ireland across the period circa 700 to circa 1700. 

College of Arts, Celtic Studies and Social Sciences
M.A. English - Irish Writing and Film

The MA in Irish Writing and Film will introduce you to an exceptionally rich body of cultural texts whose breadth and diversity continues to generate scholarly debate. You will be introduced to key texts from the eighteenth century to the present and encouraged to engage with some of the most influential critical and theoretical models currently being applied to Irish literature and film.

Interdisciplinary Courses
M.A. Creative Digital Media

The Masters in Creative Digital Media from Dublin Institute Of Technology provides a thorough grounding in the core skills and knowledge of digital media technologies and offers specialist production techniques dedicated to the specific needs of the digital media industry. 

Postgraduate Admissions
M.A. Rural Sustainability

This MA is a full-time graduate course delivered over three semesters, directed primarily at graduates from the social sciences interested in furthering their knowledge and ability to impact on rural processes, policy and practice. It addresses the continued importance of agriculture and farming as a key sector. 

College of Arts, Social Sciences, & Celtic Studies
M.A. Journalism

The MA Journalism is further integrating digital into its already successful Masters programme. The School of Media has been a pioneering leader in media education for over 40 years and this is the School’s response to changes in journalism, especially in relation to digital media.

Postgraduate Admissions
M.A. Drama and Theatre Studies

This programme blends theoretical and practical approaches to the study of drama, and is particularly suited to applicants who wish to produce theatre publicly, write or review plays, teach drama, or carry out further academic research. Applicants with a general interest in theatre are also very welcome.

College of Arts, Social Sciences, & Celtic Studies
M.A. Creative Writing

The University of Limerick offers a Master of Arts in Creative Writing, taught by internationally successful authors including our Chair of Creative Writing, Professor Joseph O’Connor (author of the million-selling Star of the Sea), Donal Ryan (The Spinning Heart) and Giles Foden, (The Last King of Scotland).

Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences
M.A. Philosophy and Public Affairs

The MA in Philosophy and Public Affairs from University College Dublin is especially designed for those people with an interest in public policy debates, e.g. in journalism, the civil service, public policy research institutes, etc.. At the same time, it will be useful for any job requiring a subtle understanding of debate and disagreement, or requiring close attention to texts.

University College Dublin School of Philosophy
M.A. French

The MA in French is an appropriate means of achieving a very high degree of oral and written fluency in French in addition to developing competency in research methods and intellectual enquiry. It combines advanced linquistic work with in-depth literary and cultural analysis of France and the French-speaking world. It develops expertise appropriate to careers in secondary and higher education, the creative industries and other fields requiring high levels of communicative competence, intercultural awareness and critical insight.

College of Arts, Social Sciences, & Celtic Studies
M.A. Screenwriting

The M.A. program in Screenwriting at Warnborough is the cutting edge of screenplay study. Completely online, it is based initially on Aristotle’s theory of mimesis. Despite its ancient roots, the program meets all the needs of a postmodern writer in search of new writing paradigms for a changing world.

M.A. Family Support Studies

The primary focus of family support is on early intervention and prevention, aiming to promote and protect the health, well-being and rights of all children, young people and their families, paying particular attention to those who are vulnerable or at risk. The aim of this programme is to further the education and skills of professionals with a common interest in family support. 

College of Arts, Social Sciences, & Celtic Studies
M.A. Human Osteoarchaeology

This course is designed to provide students with an in-depth knowledge of and practical training in human osteoarchaeology: the analysis of human skeletal remains from archaeological contexts. Teaching focuses on the explanation of theoretical approaches and methods that can be used to address archaeological research questions using human skeletal data. Teaching consists of both lectures and lab-based practical sessions.

College of Arts, Celtic Studies and Social Sciences
M.A. Contemporary Migration and Diaspora Studies

The MA in Contemporary Migration and Diaspora Studies (MA in CMDS), University College Cork is an exciting, interdisciplinary course addressing all aspects of migration, integration and diaspora studies in Ireland. T

College of Arts, Celtic Studies and Social Sciences
M.A. Spanish and Latin American Studies

The MA in Spanish and Latin American Studies aims to provide students who already have a background in Spanish Studies at undergraduate level with an opportunity to develop their interest in and knowledge and understanding of the language, literatures and cultures of the Spanish-speaking world.

Faculty of Arts, Celtic Studies and Philosophy
M.A. Music Performance / Conducting / Compisition

Performers are examined primarily through a series of three public recitals/concerto performances; conductors will be examined through a series of three public concerts and associated rehearsals; composers will be examined primarily through the submission of a portfolio of compositions in three instalments. As an alternative to the third public performance, suitable candidates may undertake a dissertation, or a compositional or conducting module. The programme will include opportunities to participate in masterclasses with international artists as well as workshops with professionals operating in the international cultural sector.

M.A. Digital and Medical Technologies

Graduates will extend their engineering skills and technical knowledge to work in partnership with healthcare clinicians and other medical experts, acquiring grounding in the culture and ethics of the healthcare profession.

M.A. Modern Languages, Literature and Culture - Narratives of Conflict - French

The MA in Modern Languages, Literatures and Cultures: Narratives of Conflict aims to provide students who already have a background in French, German or Spanish at undergraduate level with an opportunity to specialise in the area of literary analysis with particular emphasis on narratives of conflict in the cultures and societies of French-, German- and Spanish-speaking countries.

M.A. Modern and Contemporary Philosophy

This MA relates discourses and developments in modern and contemporary philosophy to current debates regarding (but not restricted to) the challenges of globalization, post-secular societies (Habermas), democratic development, etc., as well as to their philosophical foundations. Possible answers to these questions rely upon the philosophical notions of the nature of knowledge and human understanding, identity, plurality, and the human condition.

M.A. Composition

Music - Composition MA, University College Cork This course is for those undertaking creative work involving sound, including notated or recorded compositions; improvisations; sound art; visual art with a sound component; music theatre; performance art; installations etc.

College of Arts, Celtic Studies and Social Sciences
M.A. Film Studies

The MA in Film Studies, University College Cork is an interdepartmental, one-year taught course that offers advanced-level critical skills in the discipline of film studies. It is designed to equip you with an extensive, in-depth knowledge of the history, theory and aesthetics of international film.

College of Arts, Celtic Studies and Social Sciences