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Study Master's Degrees in Jaén, Andalusia, Spain

Jaén at a glance

Jaén has one of the leading universities in Spain, known to offer high quality teaching. International students coming from countries such as: USA, Canada, Costa Rica, Chile, China, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Singapore, Japan, Morocco, Australia, New Zealand choose to follow a degree abroad in Jaén. Jaén is a city in south-central Spain, located in the hills of the Santa Catalina mountains. The name of the city derived from the Arabic word khayyan, meaning 'crossroads of caravans'. The city is also known as the World Capital of Olive Oil, being the biggest producer of the oil, and the locals call it liquid gold.


Studying in Jaén

Most of the undergraduate and postgraduate degree courses are taught in Spanish. However, no language qualification is required to international students, they are just expected to be proficient in Spanish language. They will have to pass a Spanish language test before admission. In the case of some degree courses, international students will have the possibility to take the assignments and official examinations in English language. You can also follow a one year pre-academic intensive Spanish language and culture course.

Within the university, you can enrol in Bachelor’s and Master’s degree courses, PhD programmes, as well as double degrees and summer school classes.

Choose from disciplines like: law, archaeology, biology, education, nursing, finance, art history, engineering, psychology, social work, tourism, telecommunications technology, MBA, and if you’re interested in online degree courses, most of them are available for the business and psychology fields.


Career opportunities in Jaén

As part of Andalusia, one of the largest growing areas in Spain, Jaén has a sustainable economy, having as main industries: agriculture (particularly olive farming and olive oil production), mining, construction, education.

Names of companies based in Jaén and multinationals with a local office include: La Aceitera Jaénera, Heineken, Manpower, Valeo, EADS, Huawei, Microsoft, Veolia, Saint Gobain, Cargill.

As an international student, you will be able to apply to a number of internship openings available in the local companies, and the university can always guide you in this matter.


Jaén city life

Famous for its abundance of olive trees, Jaén has so many other things to offer to visitors and tourists besides views of the olive farms. This city in eastern Andalucía will presently surprise you with nice museums, Renaissance architecture and great and beautiful mountains.

Places worth seeing in Jaén are:

  • Saint Catherine's Castle (Castillo de Santa Catalina)
  • Jaén Cathedral
  • Arab Baths – you can see them within the Villardompardo's Palace; they are the largest Arab baths preserved in Spain
  • Church of San Ildefonso
  • Plaza de las Batallas
  • The Museum of Arts and Popular Customs

A lovely place to have promenades is Parque (park) del Seminario, or check the Úbeda’s pottery shops (alfarería) and buy a souvenir.

You will enjoy spending your evenings in countless bars, pubs and restaurants, especially since you can buy a beer at a very affordable price and get free tapas for each drink you order.

Embrace the local culture and attend some of the local festivities, such as:

  • Feria de San Lucas: takes place annually on 18 October, the biggest festival held in the city, lasts more than a week.
  • Virgen de la Capilla: celebrating the appearance of the Virgin Mary in the city, held annually on June 11.
  • From Jaén, you can easily travel to other cities in Spain: Cordoba is about an hour and a half away, Malaga – two hours away and Seville, two and a half hours away.

International atmosphere in Jaén

A few ethnic communities live in Jaén, mainly Moroccans, Asians (from China and Pakistan), and a relatively small number of Romanians and British people. However, Jaén counts the smallest number of immigrant population in the Andalusia area.

In terms of foreign investment, Jaén is an interesting business market, accounting for a large number of companies, including multinational businesses. The main investors countries in the region are France, Germany and United Kingdom.

Weather Jaén

While in Jaén, you will experience hot summers and quite cool winters. Jaén has summer high temperatures of around 33°C (93 °F). December and January are the coldest months, with daily temperatures of around 12 °C (53 °F). The highest amount of rainfall precipitation occurs in November and December.

Universities in Jaén

The University of Jaén (UJA) is in the Top 50 of the best young universities in the world according to THE ( Times Higher Education ). This ranking analyzes aspects such as teaching, research work, the international projection of the university or the integration of the industry. It places the UJA among the 12 best Spanish universities in the ranking.

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