Study Master's Degrees in Vaduz, Liechtenstein

Vaduz at a glance

Vaduz is a town where royalty is in the air. Home to the Lichtenstein reigning prince and his family, this town is known due to its financial importance and rich history. You can admire the Alps from anywhere in Vaduz, even when you take a look at the historical buildings that mix with recent modern structures. Culinary experiences in Vaduz are popular among visitors, who enjoy spending time in outdoor space. During the cold season, the town is a winter sports destination, while summer provides great cycling and hiking activities.  International students find in Vaduz a quiet environment and a university environment where they can mix study with practice. Social needs and business requirements are fulfilled in the programmes that lead to a degree abroad in Vaduz.


Studying in Vaduz

Higher education in Vaduz offers programmes that lead to a graduate and undergraduate degree. The local research institute covers fields of international significance, such as IT and business process management, sustainable planning and building, growth and complexity and wealth management.

Study abroad programmes that lead to a Bachelor’s degree are available for fields such as Architecture or business administration and taught in German. But, if you aim for a Master’s degree, choices taught in English are in the fields of architecture, entrepreneurship, finance and information systems. You can learn more about business management and data science and earn an internationally recognised Master of Science (M.Sc.) degree.

In-depth knowledge over architecture and planning, sustainable design, business economics and management can be achieved via your chosen PhD programme. If you look for a graduate school abroad, studies in Vaduz are also focused on research in small groups of students. These programmes are taught in German and English and last for three – five years.


Career opportunities in Vaduz

Liechtenstein is in the Schengen space but not in the European Union. This fact makes the country a small paradise, thanks to the low business taxes.

Local industry in Vaduz is highly influenced by tourism, even if the town does not contain a railway station or an airport. However, degrees earned at the University of Liechtenstein are internationally recognized and you can get employed even if you want to live in Vaduz or in another city.


Vaduz city life

Vaduz is a promising town if you look for a place where you can spend plenty of time outdoor, get to know the local culture and enjoy the breath taking mountain surroundings. The most famous site of the town is the Vaduz Castle that reigns over the city and it is the home of the princely family.

Other sites are the National Art Gallery and the National Museum, where you can learn more about the local modern and contemporary art, including the princely Liechtenstein Collection. The Postage Stamp Museum and the Ski Museum are also preferred by visitors.

In the pedestrian town centre, you can have a shopping session, a relaxed dinner, enjoy one of the cultural events or visit the outdoor cafes and boutiques. The local cuisine is famous due to the combination of Austrian and Swiss influences and local inventions.

International atmosphere in Vaduz

Vaduz is a touristic destination especially in winter, but also during summer. Locals who speak English interact with visitors and are glad to offer some piece of advice. If you know German, the language is used for official purposes and is taught in school.

The capital of the sixth smallest country in the world is a warm environment, where you can escape from the agitated city life.

Weather Vaduz

Being a spot where the Eastern and Western Alps meet, Vaduz has a climate with warm and wet summers and mild to cold winters. Snowfall is present between December and March. Rainfall is more often in summer than in other seasons.

Average temperatures in July are around 19°C (66.2°F) and in January, the coldest month, there are temperatures of -2.8°C (27°F).

Universities in Vaduz

The University of Liechtenstein is a leading university in the international Lake Constance region. It is a place for personal development, interaction as well as critical and creative thought, and a hub of innovation for shaping the future. 

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