Study Master’s degrees in Osaka-shi, Japan -

Study Master's Degrees in Osaka-shi, Osaka, Japan

Osaka-shi at a glance

Osaka, one of the modern and extravagant cities of Japan, is the place where you can earn a degree abroad and enjoy a fully urban atmosphere. The city is home to top universities, but also to interesting and extravagant sites, that promise international students everything but boredom. Find your favourite university programme in Osaka and allow yourself to be fascinated by the Japanese lifestyle!


Studying in Osaka-shi

In Osaka you can find your favourite faculty or graduate school abroad in almost any field of study you can think of. You can earn you Bachelor’s degree in economics, engineering, foreign studies, law, literature and philosophy, life sciences, business administration and many others, from a general or technical university.

Your postgraduate Master’s degree will focus on even more research and practical work in law, human sciences, medicine, public policy, sciences, engineering and various other fields. You can focus on a Master of Science (M.Sc.) degree in a technical field or learn for an MBA in an international programme.

Students who want to deepen their studies with a PhD programme have various fields at their disposal. PhD degree courses are available in many of the universities’ graduate schools of Osaka.


Career opportunities in Osaka-shi

Osaka is a major economic support for Japan and a city with an important role in global economy also. Its budget usually increases annually. Also, a degree earned at a local university is valuable in front of many of the employees.

Some of the city’s main industries are commerce, services and manufacturing. Also, the city has offices of companies such as Panasonic, Sharp and Sanyo.


Osaka-shi city life

Osaka has an active and more than interesting city life, since it hosts some touristic sites that are unique or, at least, rare. The city is guarded by the 17th century Osaka Castle, that is vintage and authentic on the outside, but modern in the interior.

Some of the mainstream and must-visit of them are the Shotengai shopping arcades, the National Bunraku Theatre with puppets, Shin-kabuki-za with enka concerts and Japanese dramas, The Symphony Hall, Nakanoshima Park, National Museum of Art and the Museum of Oriental Ceramics.

Events and festivals are regularly held in Osaka. The most popular of them are Tenjin Matsuri, Aizen Matsuri, the annual Osaka Asian Film Festival and the Osaka International Ladies Marathon. You may embark in a time-travel trip to the past when you visit the Open-Air Museum of Old Japanese Farmhouses. The future waits in interconnected towers of the Umeda Sky Building, with its top “floating garden”.

When you want to take a closer look at Osaka’s beauties you can also admire the biggest owl in the world at the Owl Café, NGK Comedy Theatre, Universal Studios Japan, the virtual skydiving park of Umeda Joypolis Sega, Osaka Aquarium Kaykan, the Spa World or Momofuku Ando Instant Ramen Museum.

International atmosphere in Osaka-shi

Osaka is an international city that once was Japan’s largest urban area. Today, the city is also home to Koreans and Chinese, who even formed communities. Locals are warm and try to maintain a small-town atmosphere.

The people of Osaka are famous for their warmth and attention towards others and are always open to help and offer directions.

Weather Osaka-shi

Osaka’s climate is influenced by its four distinct seasons, with mild winters and rare snowfalls and, humid springs, very warm summers and cool falls. Average temperatures are 9.3°C (49°F) in January and 35°C (95°F) in July and August.

Universities in Osaka-shi

Osaka University Corporation supports Osaka University and conducts education and research in order to answer society's need for education and research at the university level as well as to enhance the standards and promote well-balanced development of our nation's higher education and academic research.

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Kansai University's mission is not to provide human resources and research required by society, but rather to create human resources and creative research that will lead society

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We develop leaders who can help to realize a sustainable society by providing students with integrated knowledge of information, environment, and management sciences.

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