Study Master's Degrees in Brasília, Brazil

Brasília at a glance

Drawing numerous international students for the interesting cultural experience, the tropical climate and the general holiday atmosphere, Brasilia is a fascinating location to study abroad. Universities in Brasilia offer intellectually stimulating courses, use innovative teaching methods and enable a great focus on research work. Brasilia is the federal capital of Brazil, placed atop the Brazilian highlands in the country's centre-western region.


Studying in Brasília

Universities in Brasilia cover a wide array of accredited programmes and most courses are taught in Portuguese. However, numerous degrees specially dedicated to international students are available in Spanish and English.

For proving Portuguese language proficiency, students are required the Certificate of Proficiency in the Portuguese Language for Foreigners (CELPE-BRAS).

Apply for specialisations, like: biomedicine, computer science, journalism, medicine, international relations, law, economics, education, engineering and many more, available for Bachelor and Master degrees and PhD.

You can also enrol in MBA programmes in several fields and PhD courses in popular subject areas, like economics and psychology are available.

Most online degree courses are related to disciplines like: philosophy, tourism management, human resource management, and software engineering.


Career opportunities in Brasília

Economy in Brasilia is pretty rich and diverse, having as main productive industries: construction and of services (government, communications, banking and finance, food production, entertainment, legal services), computer software.

Some of the top employers in Brasilia are: Brasil Telecom, Banco do Brasil, Politec, Oracle, IBM, Appen, VMware, Banco Santander.

International students are highly encouraged by the local universities to apply to internship offers in the local companies.


Brasília city life

Brasilia is a UNESCO World Heritage Site due to its modernist and unique architecture and the artistic urban planning. Anyone fascinated with art will simply love this city and even if you’re not an art fan, you will find Brasilia interesting to say the least.

Interesting places to visit in Brasilia are:

  • Praça dos Três Poderes (Portuguese for Square of the Three Powers)
  • The Palácio da Alvorada
  • Brasilia Cathedral
  • Brasilia National Museum
  • Television Tower
  • CAIXA Cultural
  • Santuario Dom Bosco
  • Fonte Da Torre de TV
  • Buriti Palace and Itamaraty Palace

See a play, concert or dance performance at the Cláudio Santoro National Theater and have a nice walk in the Parque Nacional de Brasília.

Regarding night life, the city is pretty vibrant and dynamic, so you will find several clubs and bars, particularly in Asa Sul district. You can even check out dance centres that cultivate tradition of samba, forró and other Brazilian-style parties and take dance lessons.

In Brasilia, football is very popular, with many traditions dedicated to this sport, also hosting football tournaments. Other sports you can enjoy are: basketball, hang gliding or paragliding, and going diving on Paranoá Lake.

International atmosphere in Brasília

Brasilia has several foreign born residents, mainly comprised of Asian and Amerindian people. Being the capital of Brazil, the city truly covers a cosmopolitan atmosphere as it is home to many embassies and it also hosts various international festivals and events.

Weather Brasília

In Brasilia, you will experience two distinct seasons: a rainy season (from October to April) and a dry season (from May to September). January is the wettest month, while June is the driest in terms of rainfall. September, at the end of the dry season, has the highest average maximum temperature, 28°C (83 °F). The average temperatures for the rest of the year is around 22 °C (72 °F).

Universities in Brasília

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