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Study Master's Degrees in Bochum, Germany

Bochum at a glance

With the many museums, galleries and public art in the city, Bochum has grown a reputation as the cultural hub of Ruhr. Also, international universities such as Ruhr-Uni¬ver¬si¬tät have helped develop an inclusive student presence in the city ideal for any undergraduate.

Universities in Bochum

Providing training courses and conferences in the IT and Information Security sector since 2001, isits International School of IT Security AG has established throughout Europe. They are committed to continually updating their expertise in their vocational or academic orientation and developing their skills and knowledge in teaching and supporting learning. The close cooperation with companies and universities make isits AG a competent partner for IT users, professionals and experts.

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The Ruhr-Universität is on its way to becoming one of the leading European universities of the 21st Century. Almost all courses are offered as Bachelor and Master degrees that enable “learning through research”.

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