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Study Master's Degrees in Brasov, Brasov, Romania

Brasov at a glance

Brasov city was described under the name Corona, a Latin word meaning "crown", a name given by the German colonists. The German name Kronstadt means "Crown City" and is reflected in the city's coat of arms. Brasov preserves a great part of its historic medieval landmarks, offering a beautiful, culturally rich and friendly destination for international students. Universities in Brasov provide a special and holistic interdisciplinary approach, helping students gain all necessary skills for their field of study that are compatible with the labour market demands. International students can study numerous disciplines at all degree levels: Bachelor and Master degrees, PhD programmes. Brasov is a city in Romania and the administrative centre of Brasov County, located in the central part of the country, surrounded by the Southern Carpathians and is part of the Transylvania region.


Studying in Brasov

In universities from Brasov, students have the option to pursue their degree studies, using the following languages of instruction: Romanian, English, French or German. Most international students choose to study in English and German. For study programmes taught in foreign languages, universities usually organize a foreign language test. Candidates having an internationally recognized language certificate and candidates coming from countries whose official language is the same as teaching language of study programme are exempted from taking the test.

International students who want to attend courses taught in Romanian, have to be proficient in Romanian. They also have the possibility to apply for foundation programmes available for Romanian language.

Universities in Brasov deliver a wide array of fields of study, available at Bachelor’s degree, Master’s degree and PhD. Choose from the following specialisations: engineering, computer science, economics, business administration, medicine, law, sociology, communication, accounting, psychology, public policy, finance.


Career opportunities in Brasov

Brasov has a pretty well-developed economy, with airplane manufacturing, food and beverage manufacturing, tourism, automotive manufacturing, pharmaceutical industry as main industries.

Major employers in Brasov are: IAR Ghimbav, Raiffeisen Bank, Autoliv, Draexlmaier, Europharm Holding, Kronospan, Benchmark Electronics, IPSOS Interactive Services, Vodafone, IBM, Siemens, GlaxoSmithKline.

International students can apply for internship opportunities available in many local multinational companies.


Brasov city life

Brasov is a beautiful picturesque town, with a fascinating cultural and historical heritage. You can admire the medieval old town and some buildings having a Gothic architectural style.

Nice places to see and visit in Brasov are:

  • The Black Church ("Biserica Neagra"), a celebrated Gothic site
  • Casa Sfatului ("The mayor's former office building")
  • St. Nicholas Church
  • The First Romanian School Museum
  • The Rope Street (Poarta Schei) – the narrowest street in Europe
  • Schei, the historically Bulgarian but then Romanian neighbourhood outside of the old walled city.
  • Catherine's Gate – the only original city gate to have survived from medieval times and Schei Gate, right next to it
  • Ethnographic Museum
  • Tampa, a small mountain in the middle of the city, where you can have amazing views of the old city centre
  • The "Brasov Citadel Fortress" – Cetatuia Brasovului

You can go out at numerous restaurants, serving traditional Romanian dishes, and international cuisine as well. Choose from various bars and some very cool night clubs; Brasov has a thriving night life.

Visit the interesting surroundings, such as the Bran Castle, attracting many fans of Dracula (commonly mistaken with Vlad the Impaler, a former ruler of Walachia).

In the winter, you have Poiana Brasov close by, a great ski resort but also a sightseeing spot.

If you want see more of the exciting Romania, Bucharest, Sibiu and Sighisoara are only about two hours and a half away from Brasov.

International atmosphere in Brasov

Mainly, the international atmosphere in Brasov is nurtured by the large number of international tourists from all over the world. Tourists visit Brasov all year round. Immigrant residents born outside Romania are: Hungarians, Germans, Italians and a small number of immigrants coming from EU countries.

Because Brasov offers professional skilled work at low costs, many foreign investment projects, specifically from Germany, were recorded. Entrepreneurs from other countries have decided to set a branch in Brasov too.

Weather Brasov

Brasov has four seasons, with warm to hot summers and cold winters. Average high temperatures during summer are around 28 – 30 °C (82 – 86 °F), often exceeding these variables. Winters record significant amount of snow and frost is also common. Average high temperatures in winter are 3 – 4 °C (37– 39 °F), with January as the coolest month.

Universities in Brasov

Transilvania University of Brașov (UNITBV) is the largest university in the centre of Romania; it is a comprehensive university that offers study programmes covering all fundamental domains, such as engineering sciences, exact sciences, social sciences, arts and humanities, medicine, physical education and sports.

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