Study Master's Degrees in Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States

Minneapolis at a glance

Minneapolis, Minnesota, in the United States is a great study option for international students interested in studying abroad in the U.S., but also a good alternative destination for those unsure about the opportunities of the American higher education system. The city’s universities are bustling multicultural study environments, with numerous attractive solutions for any future students interested in getting a quality education. Whether you are interested in getting a Bachelor’s degree to start your higher education or plan on getting a Master’s degree to improve your career path, Minneapolis is a great place to start. As an industrial and trade hub of North America, the city is an affordable and culturally rich international student destination of your future. 


Studying in Minneapolis

The universities in Minneapolis offer numerous options for studying, either for a Bachelor’s or a Master’s degree abroad. One of the directions where they are highly specialised is that of social sciences, with many Bachelor of Arts options, majoring in area studies, psychology, heritage studies, languages or sociology. There are also many opportunities for MBAs and other Master’s degrees in business, finance and accounting, as well as online Bachelor’s programmes in business administration. For those interested in computer science, there are available Master’s degrees in IT and systems management, alongside interdisciplinary programmes with healthcare, psychology, pedagogy or law. The teaching style is usually oriented either on transmitting didactical skills to the future graduates or on very specific job-related skills, depending on the chosen type of degree programme.


Career opportunities in Minneapolis

Minneapolis is a large industrial city, highly integrated with the U.S. economy and the global market. Recently, commerce and retail companies have overtaken traditional industries as the largest employers, with Target being in the lead. Other major employers with headquarters in the city are banks and financial institutions like US Bancorp, Thrivent Financial, Ameriprise Financial, Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis or Wells Fargo and utilities companies like Xcel Energy and CenturyLink. Minneapolis is increasing its local tech start-up component, becoming an interesting investment and employment destination for IT and computer science graduates nation-wide. Nevertheless, the most sought-after jobs in the city are in the business administration and finance areas, as there is a continuous demand for MBA and economics graduates. Students in these fields also have a good chance of finding internships during their studies.


Minneapolis city life

Being a centre for many diverse communities in the U.S., Minneapolis is home to many cultural landmarks and destinations for tourists:

  • Walker Art Centre
  • Minneapolis Sculpture Garden
  • Guthrie Theatre
  • Minnesota Orchestra
  • American Swedish Institute

The city is also famous for the Minnesota Fringe Festival, the largest performing arts festival in the U.S. without a jury. Minneapolis is also the birthplace of singer Prince, as well as a rock and jazz hotspot in the country. The city is also a good place for sports fans, having professional teams in the national leagues in baseball, basketball and American football. Food enthusiasts from across the world can rejoice at the many eclectic restaurants in Minneapolis, where they combine Nordic cuisine with fine French dining and conventional U.S. gastronomical culture.

International atmosphere in Minneapolis

Minneapolis is a multicultural city, where local communities of Native Americans, African Americans, Hispanics and East-Asian Americans are fairly integrated while maintaining their unique cultural heritage. English is almost unanimously spoken and understood, but so are some of the languages spoken by minorities, such as Hindi, Spanish and even some Nordic languages like Danish or Norwegian. This multicultural mosaic makes Minneapolis one of the most tolerant cities in the American Midwest. The city also houses a sizeable community of international students from across the world.

Weather Minneapolis

The weather in Minneapolis is known for its hot and sunny summers, with average temperatures reaching 83.4 °F (28.6 °C) in July, while winters are fairly snowy, with 54.4 inches (138.2 cm) a year and an average temperature of 23.7 °F (-4.6°C) in January.


Accommodation costs in Minneapolis

Accommodation options in Minneapolis are generally affordable:

  • Rent for a one-bedroom apartment in the City Centre is around 1,314 USD/month, while for three bedrooms is approximately 2,200 USD/month
  • Rent for a one-bedroom apartment outside the City Centre averages at 890 USD/month, whereas three bedrooms cost around 1,448 USD/month
  • On-campus accommodation costs about 521 USD/month for single rooms, 439 USD/month for double rooms and 435 USD/month for triple rooms.

Living costs in Minneapolis

The average living costs in Minneapolis range between 740 and 846 USD/month, excluding accommodation. Utilities cost around 122 USD/month and food prices range at 398 USD/month. A monthly local transport pass is about 79 USD, while a one-way ticket is 2 USD and taxis charge 1.59 USD/km.

Universities in Minneapolis

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