Study Master’s degrees in Cluj-Napoca, Romania -

Study Master's Degrees in Cluj-Napoca, Cluj, Romania

Cluj-Napoca at a glance

If you chose to learn in Cluj-Napoca, you will benefit from an excellent academic environment, based on dynamic learning style and applied research. Local universities are among the most reputed in the country and offer a number of degrees, taught in several languages, including in English. You will get the chance to visit one of the most beautiful cities in Romania, experience an authentic local culture and meet some of the most welcoming people in the world. Cluj-Napoca, commonly known as Cluj, is the second most populous city in Romania, after Bucharest, the capital. Cluj-Napoca is the seat of Cluj County in the North-western part of Romania, situated in the Somesul Mic River valley, surrounded by the Apuseni Mountains and the Transylvanian plain. Cluj city is considered the unofficial capital to the historical province of Transylvania.


Studying in Cluj-Napoca

Within the universities from Cluj-Napoca, you can find Bachelor’s, Master’s degree or PhD programme and choose from a large palette of study options. Both for undergraduate and postgraduate degree, you can apply for degree courses that are taught either in Romanian, Romanian, Hungarian, German and English. The variety of accredited programmes also includes part-time and continuing education postgraduate courses.

Since most international students choose to study either in English or German, the accepted certificates for language proficiency are:

IELTS, TOEFL or TOEIC for English

OSD, TestDaF or Goethe Certificate for German

After enrolment, you can take Romanian language classes within the language centres in the universities.

Specialise in fields like: engineering, architecture, social sciences, art, medicine, telecommunications, pharmacy, computer science, law, languages, economics, marketing, MBA.

Distance degree courses are available in many fields: geography, history, philology, European studies, political science, business management.


Career opportunities in Cluj-Napoca

Cluj-Napoca has a rich and sustainable local economy and is one of the most developed cities in Romania. The major sectors of Cluj are: information technology, retail, tourism, construction, real estate, agriculture.

Some of the top employers of Cluj-Napoca include: Transilvania Bank, Terapia Ranbaxy, Ursus Breweries, Emerson, Aegon, Bechtel, Genpact, Gameloft, Endava, Orange, Accenture.

International students are greatly encouraged to get involved in the internships offered by local companies. Since Cluj has the largest number of ITC companies in Romania, most students are interested in getting practical experience in this field.


Cluj-Napoca city life

Known as “The Treasure City” of Romania, Cluj-Napoca, the largest city in Transylvania has a unique charm and quite unique landscapes, as it is surrounded by grasslands and forests. You will also get to admire wonderful buildings that cover a mix of Renaissance, Baroque and Gothic architecture.

Among the main attractions of Cluj city are:

  • St. Michael's Church
  • The Palace of Justice
  • The National Museum of Transylvanian History
  • The Bontida Bánffy Castle (once known as "the Versailles of Transylvania")
  • Nicula Monastery
  • Taylor’s Bastion

The surroundings are incredible and you shouldn’t miss seeing Lake Fantanele or Hoia-Baciu forest.

The nightlife is quite vibrant; around Unirii Square you will find most of the nightclubs, restaurants and bars. Try some of the local dishes, most famous are the cabbage rolls, smoked bacon, bean soup, cheese and cabbage pie and palinca, the traditional drink.

If you like sports, you can watch football and handball matches and support the local teams. Cluj-Napoca also hosts two stages in the National Rally Championship each year.

In Cluj, you can attend and enjoy several festivals, such as: Fête de la Musique, a number of beer festivals throughout the summer, among them the "Septemberfest", similar to the German Oktoberfest, and The Transilvania International Film Festival (TIFF).

International atmosphere in Cluj-Napoca

Cluj-Napoca counts for numerous tourists each year, coming especially from European countries. Cluj is also home to a few minorities, mostly Hungarians and Germans.

Many international business people have been interested in this area and as a result, branches of multinational companies were located here. The number of foreign investment projects is still on the rise, especially due to highly skilled personnel. The main fields for foreign investment are information technology and real estate.

Weather Cluj-Napoca

In Cluj-Napoca, you would experience four seasons, with warm dry summers and cold winters. Winter temperatures are usually around 0 °C (32 °F) and sometimes they could drop below -10 °C (14 °F), with considerable snowfalls each winter. In summer, the average day temperature is 18 °C (64 °F), but often times it reaches 35 °C (95 °F) to 40 °C (104 °F) in the city centre.

Universities in Cluj-Napoca

Babes-Bolyai University has become in time an emblem of success for Cluj and for the entire country. It is a dynamic and constructive institution well integrated into society and oriented towards future, a future which it can design, prepare and build. 

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The Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, an “Advanced Research and Education University” as awarded with the Order of the Ministry of National Education , is today a tertiary educational institution having both tradition and national and international recognition.

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