Study Master’s degrees in Neuchâtel, Switzerland -

Study Master's Degrees in Neuchâtel, Neuchâtel, Switzerland

Neuchâtel at a glance

Follow the path of Le Corbusier and Jean Piaget and get your degree abroad in Neuchâtel, Switzerland. Choose your favourite undergraduate or postgraduate university programme and internationally reputed teachers will train you to become an expert in your chosen field. Join the vast multicultural environment of Neuchâtel, uncover the secret behind the famous Swiss watches and check out some of the Swiss Heritage Sites.


Studying in Neuchâtel

The language of instruction used in universities is French, and of some Master and PhD programmes are taught in English.

Bachelor degree are only available in French; for applying you must take a language test which is not eliminatory, it just shows you your level of proficiency and if it is not sufficient, you will further take French classes after enrolment. For some English-taught programmes, you will be required to provide proof of English language proficiency, with either TOEFL, IELTS or Cambridge as accepted certificates.

You will find several Master of Science and MBA programmes among offerings of the local universities. Some of the most popular fields of study include: law, economics, business, computer science, statistics, journalism, arts, archaeology, languages.


Career opportunities in Neuchâtel

The economy of Neuchâtel is rich and diverse. The main industries supporting the local economy are: micro-technology and high-tech industry, watch manufacturing, mining, construction, business services.

Names of some of the top employers in Neuchâtel are: Phillip Morris, Autodesk, Metalor, Johnson& Johnson, Nanosensors, One Drop Diagnostics, KPMG, Autodesk.

If you’re looking for an internship that will help you gain practical experience during your studies, you can always find plenty of opportunities in the local companies.


Neuchâtel city life

Neuchâtel covers so many interesting and fascinating attractions, from museums to churches, fountains and natural spots that there won’t be a day during your stay for you to get bored. Start checking this lovely city with a visit to the old city of Neuchâtel, part of the Inventory of Swiss Heritage Sites.

Major attractions in Neuchâtel are:

  • Neuchâtel Castle
  • Maison Blanche – the first architectural piece of Le Corbusier
  • Prison Tower
  • Fountain de la Justice
  • Town Hall
  • Churches: Abbey of Fontaine-André, Collegiate Church of Neuchâtel, Notre-Dame Church
  • Clock making Museum
  • Ancien Manege
  • Pile Lake Dwellings – a UNESCO World Heritage Site

If you like hiking or simply want to admire nature, you should have an excursion to Creux du Van, or you can wander through the Botanical Garden.

Although not having quite a busy and vibrant nightlife, Neuchâtel has a few bars and clubs throughout the city centre, so you can enjoy a lovely night out when you feel like it.

From Neuchâtel city, you can easily travel to other nice destinations in Switzerland: you can arrive to Bern, Fribourg and Lausanne in around fifty minutes’ train-ride, get to Basel in around two hours, and since you are very close to the border with France, you can get to Lyon in around three hours with the train, for example.

International atmosphere in Neuchâtel

Neuchâtel counts a number of foreign-born residents, most of them are: French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Macedonians.

As Neuchâtel has an excellent quality of life, highly qualified personnel and favourable conditions for foreign investors, as they don’t encounter any significant barriers, several multinationals have opened a local office and many international business people have always been interested in this area.

Weather Neuchâtel

Neuchâtel has four seasons, with warm summers, cold winters and an equal amount of precipitations throughout the whole year. The average high temperatures in December – January are around 3 – 4 °C (37 – 39 °F), while in the summer these are 24 – 25 °C (75 – 76 °F), with July and August as the hottest months. The highest amount of rainfall precipitations is in the summer season. Usually, significant amounts of snowfall occur in the winter.

Universities in Neuchâtel

To teach at the UniNE, they must also meet high pedagogical standards so that they can share their knowledge in an inspiring way for their students.

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