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Study Master's Degrees in Tampere, Province of Western Finland, Finland

Tampere at a glance

Tampere, Finland, is a continuously developed city, that is outstanding thanks to all of its titles. The highest populated city in the Nordic countries is also known as “the Manchester of Finland”, due to its industrial past. The two lakes that guard Tampere, Näsijärvi and Pyhäjärvi, provide the city’s inhabitants with spectacular views and guard the active urban life. Founded as a marketplace, Tampere grew until it became an important Finnish urban hub and, yet, it kept the warm small town feeling. This friendly atmosphere is visible both in the urban and metropolitan area (the sub-region of Tampere). Tampere i a surprising degree abroad destination, with activities connected to art and culture and a lot of ways to enjoy nature on one of the city’s nearby ridges. Step in line, along with other international students, in one of the nationally appreciated institutions of study in Europe!


Studying in Tampere

The universities catalogue includes a significant amount of programmes in English, in various fields of study. Among them there are communication, education, health sciences, management, medicine, technology, information management and engineering, policing studies, international business and more. The policing sciences field also includes the possibility to take an executive MBA programme.

The educational options are so broad that you can apply for a Master of Science (M.Sc.) in Information Technology or you can pursue your talent in screenwriting or management of the international forest sector.

At Tampere’s universities you have the chance to enrol in a PhD programme in your favourite field and enjoy the in-depth research and the public presentation of the doctoral dissertation. You will also find the category of university short courses during summer, where you can learn more about entrepreneurship, game design or nature tourism.


Career opportunities in Tampere

After you earned an undergraduate degree or finished your studies in a graduate school abroad, Tampere offers you an environment favourable to economic development. The city is famous for being the home of Nokia and the birthplace of textile industry and the first Finnish electric light appeared in Tampere.

Industries of mechanical engineering and automation, as well as information and communication technologies, health, biotechnology and paper industry education are the ones that flourish in Tampere and companies like Accenture, CGI, Cybersoft, Honeywell, Intel and Sigma Solutions have offices here.


Tampere city life

Tampere has an active cultural life and annually holds an international film festival, an urban rock festival and a floral festival. The Tampere Philharmonic Orchestra hosts classic, popular and film music concerts. Tampere is the place where “Manserock” appeared and rock and electro, drum and bass and dubstep music events often take place.

The Särkännieni amusement park is one of the main points of interest and includes a dolphins’ basin, a tower and a revolving restaurant. The Vapriikki Museum Centre, the Tampere Art Museum, The Spy Museum in Siperia and the Muumilaakso Museum could be memorable options for spending your free time.

Tampere owns the largest glass sculpture, called “The Mirror of the Sea”.

International atmosphere in Tampere

Tampere is an active and populated city, that hosts mostly Finnish people, along with Swedish and Russians and other minorities. Even so, it is a friendly and pretty relaxed place.

Since the city’s expansion, when it integrated four more areas, Messukylä, Lielahti, Aitolahti and Teisko, it became an important spot in Finland’s urban live. Development even reached the transport system which is very efficient, although some of the locals prefer riding their bicycles to destination.

Here, you can study for your Bachelor’s degree, Master’s or PhD and, in your free time, enjoy a walk in this clean and tidy city.

Weather Tampere

Weather is cold, during winter, but summers are mild in Tampere. Average temperatures are of 17°C (63°F) in July and -6°C (21°F) in January.

Universities in Tampere

Tampere University of Applied Sciences (TAMK) is one of the biggest and most popular higher education institutions in Finland. At TAMK you will be a member of a vivid, multicultural community of 10,000 people. You will learn side by side with hundreds of degree students and exchange students from all over the world – guided and counselled by an expert staff of over 700.

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Tampere University is the second largest research university in Finland. We offer a wide selection of programmes in English at all academic levels. As a student you will receive a world-class education in a unique learning environment. Studies with us provide you with high-quality education and give you excellent opportunities to form a global network of both professional and academic colleagues.

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