Study Master’s degrees in Milton Keynes, United Kingdom -
Milton Keynes

Study Master's Degrees in Milton Keynes, England, United Kingdom

Milton Keynes at a glance

Milton Keynes in the UK draws numerous international students to pursue a degree abroad. Local universities provide high quality of teaching and integrate research work in their programmes. Have a memorable student experience and you will benefit from a range of opportunities to develop as a future professional. Discover Milton Keynes’ unique heritage and get inspired by Bletchley Park, the famous Code Breakers place.


Studying in Milton Keynes

All international students who plan to enrol in a Milton Keynes university must provide evidence they have achieved a satisfactory test result in an English qualification. Accepted tests are IELTS, TOEFL, Pearson and Cambridge.

You can enrol in several foundation programmes if you don’t meet the university requirements for your chosen field of study. Universities in Milton Keynes deliver many part-time and flexible learning study modules. The variety of degrees includes executive Master of Science (M.Sc.) and MBA courses.

Accounting, business management, computer engineering, design, sport, science, clinical research, project management, transport systems, agrifood, finance, forensic investigation, waste and resource management are among the most popular subjects you will find in local universities available for Bachelor’s and Master’s degree and PhD programmes.

Students can also apply for university short courses for business that provide expertise in aerospace, automotive, energy, environment, health, and management. Distance degree courses offer both fully online and blended courses with regular on-campus visits.


Career opportunities in Milton Keynes

Milton Keynes was recognised as the fastest growing city, with one of the strongest economies in the UK and the estimates are that it will continue to grow.

The key sustainable sectors include manufacturing, technology, automotive, distribution, food and drink, business services and leisure industry.

Milton Keynes is home to several national and international companies, including the UK headquarters of Argos, Marshall Amplification, Mercedes-Benz, Suzuki, Volkswagen AG and Yamaha Kemble. Other multinationals with local offices are: Santander Bank, BSI Group, Debenhams, Hudson Global and many more.

As local universities have partnerships with companies from Milton Keynes, international students can apply for many internship opportunities in various fields.


Milton Keynes city life

Milton Keynes has something to offer for everyone and in terms of leisure activities, you will discover the city is framed by contrasts, from entertainment spots to natural parklands.

Major attractions in Milton Keynes include:

  • The National Museum of Computing
  • The Milton Keynes Museum
  • The municipal public art gallery
  • Church of the Holy Trinity
  • Bletchley Park – famous spot, known as the place where Alan Turing broke the German Enigma codes during the Second World War

Milton Keynes has a vibrant music scene, with the National Bowl as the largest venue for concerts and other similar events. The Stables also provides a venue for jazz, blues, folk, rock and pop music. For classical music, check out the Milton Keynes City Orchestra or see a play at the Milton Keynes Theatre.

If you are into sports, Keynes city is home to professional teams in football, ice hockey and Formula 1, and to the National Badminton Centre, so you can watch many sports events.

Check out the Hub in the centre of Milton Keynes for a mix of shops and lively restaurants and bars and in the evening you can enjoy a great local nightlife, with a mix of pubs and clubs.

Make a trip to the surrounding areas and see the beautiful gardens at National Trust Stowe. Take advantage of Milton Keynes’ location and visit London, Birmingham and Oxford, all of them within more or less than an hour away by train.

International atmosphere in Milton Keynes

Apart from the international student population, Milton Keynes is home to several ethnic communities like: Irish, Asian (mostly Chinese, Indian and Pakistani) and Arab people.

As one of the fastest growing cities in UK, Milton Keynes attract new businesses and help existing companies grow. Many international entrepreneurs have also decided to relocate their businesses here.

Weather Milton Keynes

The weather in Milton Keynes is generally warm and temperate. The rainfall is significant, with precipitation even during the driest month, in July. Precipitation reaches its peak in December. The coolest month is January, with average high temperatures of around 7 C (45 F) and in August, the warmest month, temperatures record 22 C (72 F).


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