Studying in Bolzano - Bozen, Italy

Study Master's Degrees in Bolzano - Bozen


Bolzano - Bozen at a glance

The city of Bozen-Bolzano, in Italy, is a popular tourist destination and that has been also attracting several international students, especially over the last years. An interesting place where Italian and German is equally spoken and used, following a degree abroad in Bozen-Bolzano will prove to be a memorable experience. The only university in the city promotes excellent teaching and interdisciplinary research projects with international impact. You can follow a Bachelor’s, Master’s degree and PhD programme in Italian, English or German. Bozen-Bolzano is the capital and the largest city of the province of South Tyrol in northern Italy, situated at the confluence of the rivers Isarco/Eisack and Adige and with the Dolomites in the background.


Studying in Bolzano - Bozen

As an international student, you will have the possibility to take lectures in one language and write your essays or take the exams in another language. For any language you choose, you must provide proof of the language proficiency and you have multiple possibilities to complete this requirement. You can either pass computer-based tests organised by the language centre of the university, provide a certificate demonstrating you have graduated from a high school in one of the three teaching languages, or if you have an international language certificate.

The following tests are recognised and accepted by the university:

  • For Deutsch: Goethe-Institut, TestDaF, DSH, TELC
  • For Italian: CELI, CILS
  • For English: Cambridge, TOEFL, and IELTS

Apply for a Bachelor’s, Master’s programme or PhD course in the following subject areas: social work, communication, economics, computer science, education, management, design, science, languages.

The only distance degree courses are dedicated to students who want to specialise in social work and education.


Career opportunities in Bolzano - Bozen

Bozen-Bolzano has a small but strong economy, with a GDP above the national average. The most prosperous local industries are: high-quality agriculture (including wine, fruit, and dairy products), tourism, traditional handicraft (wood, ceramics), advanced services, the public sector, renewable energy, commerce.

Some of the biggest employers in Bozen-Bolzano are: Eurac, Skidata, Health Robotics, Raiffeisen, Red Commerce, Directa Media, SEL, Bautechnik, Banca di Trento e Bolzano.

International students can engage in several internship opportunities available in local companies, and knowledge of both Italian and English is highly appreciated.


Bolzano - Bozen city life

Bolzano is a unique city in Italy, where you can feel the spirit of Austria. As the city was once under the Bavarian rule, you will discover remains of the Austrian and German spirit and culture, as you can see Gothic style churches and buildings. Begin your cultural journey with a visit to the medieval city centre, preserving a special blend of architectural styles.

Places worth seeing in Bozen-Bolzano:

  • Duomo di Bolzano
  • The Walther Square
  • Via dei Portici, a street with medieval arcades and with numerous high-street shops
  • The South Tyrol Museum of Archaeology
  • Cathedral Gothic-Romanesque building dedicated to Our Lady of the Assumption
  • The Old Parish Church of Gries
  • Castle Maretsch, Runkelstein Castle and Firmian/Sigmundskron Castle
  • Victory Monument, a triumphal arch built on the order of Benito Mussolini

When you want to wander around and admire nature as well, go to Henry's promenade (the Heinrichspromenade) also known as Guncina promenade.

Savour the fantastic Italian cuisine in one of the many restaurants and in the evenings until late in the night, you can party and have fun with your peers in bars, pubs and clubs.

Make trips and see more of Italy, you are half an hour away from Trento, an hour from Treviso and one hour and a half from Verona. Close to the border with Austria, you can take a two hours’ train ride to Innsbruck, or check the St. Moritz ski resort in Switzerland, also reachable in about two hours.

International atmosphere in Bolzano - Bozen

Bozen-Bolzano has many German residents and is the only city in the country that preserves the rights of the German-speaking minority in Italy.

Inhabitants in Bozen-Bolzano that are born outside Italy include people from Romania, Morocco, Albania, Ukraine and China.

Weather Bolzano - Bozen

In Bozen-Bolzano, you will experience hot summers and very cool winters. The average high temperatures in June – August are around 26 – 29 °C (79 – 84 °F), and in the winter these are 6 °C (43 °F), with January as the coldest month of the year. Although with hot summers, there is no dry season, with rainfalls all year round.


Accommodation costs in Bolzano - Bozen

The main accommodation options in Bozen-Bolzano are:

1. Student halls of residence – 290 EUR/month for a single room, or 220 EUR/month for a double room.

2. Rent/share a flat – prices vary from 250 to 400 EUR/month.

3. Hostel –rates start at 24 EUR/night for a single room.

Living costs in Bolzano - Bozen

Prices in Bozen-Bolzano are affordable so you won’t have to make big compromises when you evaluate your monthly expenditures. Prepare a budget of around 550 – 600 EUR/month and you will cover the accommodation, food bills, social activities and public transportation.

For food bills, local supermarkets have affordable prices, so you would spend around 170 EUR/month. For students, an annual bus pass costs 150 EUR. Use the ISIC card whenever you can and you will receive significant discounts in restaurants, museum, libraries and stores.

Universities in Bolzano - Bozen

The Free University of Bozen-Bolzano is located in one of the most fascinating European regions, at the crossroads between the German-speaking and Italian economies and cultures.One of the top 10 Small Universities across the globe (Times Higher Education 2017).

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