What Can I Become If I Study Criminal Law and Criminology?

Were you fascinated by the characters from movie series like ‘True Detective’, ‘CSI: Crime Scene Investigation’, or ‘Sherlock Holmes’ who played the detective or investigator role? Do you want to be just like them only in the real life? All you have to do is choose a degree in Criminal Law or Criminology and you’ll become a part of the major league of the law enforcement department and get to solve crimes.

Your work will be just like putting together all the pieces of a puzzle, only more challenging and exciting and ending up with finding out who is guilty in a murder case.

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But before we explore some of the most popular Criminal Law career options, here are a few top places to study Criminal Law and Criminology:

Jobs that make you look forward to a degree in Criminal Law

The answer might seem obvious:  jobs in which you find and catch criminals. However, you can do that by having different Criminal Law jobs and you can also prevent crimes or actually support and help rehabilitate people who are charged with murder.

1. Parole/probation officer career

Parole or probation officers work with people that spend time in prison for criminal convictions and helps them readjust to the community. This could mean support and advice on how to find a house, a new job or reconcile with their families. Probation officers will have to supervise former convicts and prevent them from repeating their unlawful behaviour.

2. Forensic science technician career

The main goal of a forensic scientist is to help catch, convict, or acquit crime suspects. A forensic science technician gathers and handles all the evidence from a crime scene for police departments and analyses all of them in a specialized laboratory.

This would be what you typically see in the movies with analyzing blood, fingerprints or even the handwriting. Forensic scientists can make chemical and DNA tests to identify possible suspects and might also use their knowledge of ballistics to determine the type of gun that fired a particular bullet at a crime scene.

3. Criminologist career

This is another popular career with a Criminology degree. So, what do criminologists do? Their work involves studying and analysing the behaviour and methods of criminals, in order to realise what motivates them. Criminologists must be good psychologists and once they discover the reason that stands behind a criminal’s actions, they can predict or prevent additional and similar crimes. Criminologists usually work in state or federal law enforcement agencies.

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4. Police detective career

Although you will not wear a police uniform, your job will be very similar to the one of a police officer, except your only duty is to conduct a murder case from top to bottom. Usually, you can become a detective after several years of experience as a police officer. 

Closely collaborating with forensic scientists and criminologists, you will manage the criminal activity and interview suspects, witnesses, and victims, and arrest suspects. Detectives also assist lawyers to collect evidence and confessions from anyone that might help them out in supporting their case.

5. Criminal lawyer career

Criminal lawyers are responsible for defending people or organisations that have been charged with a crime or make a case against them. They would have to deal with cases related to violence, drug crimes, thefts, fraud. The work of a criminal lawyer involves researching and investigating the case and building a defence strategy to present in court.

A criminal lawyer will also have to interview witnesses, collect evidence, advise clients how to plead and in case they defend crime suspects, negotiate with the prosecutor for lesser charges.

Study a Criminology degree and you’ll never have a dull moment

If you decide to study Criminal Law and Criminology, you’ll have a clear path to a dynamic, challenging and unpredictable career. Your job will be anything but boring and although solving a case could take a long time, you’ll be extremely satisfied when it goes right.

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Choosing any job in the Criminology field will give you a feeling of empowerment to help others and truly make your community a safer place. So if you think you’re fit for the daily adventure of catching the unlawful, start applying for a degree in Criminal Law or Criminology!

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