Tuition Fees and Living Costs in Malaysia in 2023 -

Tuition Fees and Living Costs in Malaysia in 2023

Want to study a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Malaysia? We don’t blame you! This beautiful Asian country comes with numerous surprises and attractions that draw the attention of international students.

From marine parks to UNESCO World Heritage Sites, from a vibrant economy to a safe and peaceful society — Malaysia seems to have it all. The country is also very affordable when compared to other top study destinations.

But how affordable, exactly? How much does it cost to live and study in Malaysia?

Let’s find out!

1. University tuition fees in Malaysia

Tuition fees at public universities

  • Bachelor’s degrees: 2,000–4,500 EUR/year
  • Master’s degrees: 500–4,000 EUR/year

Some degrees in Medicine can cost as much as 27,000 EUR per academic year.

Tuition fees at private universities

  • Bachelor’s degrees: 1,350–9,300 EUR/year
  • Master’s degrees: 1,500–3,000 EUR/year

Some degrees in Medicine can cost as much as 19,850 EUR per academic year.

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Most affordable universities in Malaysia

Based on the study programmes listed on our portal, these are some of the cheapest Malaysian universities:

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2. Student living costs in Malaysia

As a student, you should prepare between 450 and 800 EUR per month to cover your costs of living.

The Malaysian Ringgit (MYR) is the official currency. At the time of writing this article, 1 EUR equals around 5 MYR.

3. Student accommodation costs

You can choose from two main types of accommodation:

  • university dormitories: 65–255 EUR per month. It’s the cheapest option that allows you to easily connect with many students; utilities are included in the price.
  • renting a flat: 85–680 EUR per month. Prices can go even higher if you want to live in the city centre. You can reduce your expenses by sharing a flat with other students. Don’t forget about monthly utilities, which cost around 40–70 EUR.

The Kek Lok Si Temple in Air Itam, Penang, Malaysia

4. Food costs in Malaysia

Students pay between 200 and 350 EUR per month on food and groceries. If you cook and buy smart (look for discounts and deals at supermarkets), you shouldn’t spend more than that.

These are some of the average prices for food products in Malaysia:

  • 1 loaf of bread: 0.70 EUR
  • 1 litre of milk: 1.40 EUR
  • 12 eggs: 1.15 EUR
  • 1 kg of white cheese: 9.50 EUR
  • 1 kg of apples: 2.10 EUR
  • 1 kg of bananas: 1.15 EUR
  • 1 meal at affordable restaurants: 2 EUR

Check out other living costs in Malaysia.

5. Transportation costs

Public transport (e.g. bus, metro) is very convenient, comfortable, and cheap in Malaysia. One ride is around 0.85 EUR, while a monthly pass costs 20 EUR without student discounts.

Many Malaysian universities also have their own buses, which take international students on a tour of the most important places in the city — so don’t forget to take advantage of that, especially knowing that it is completely free in some cases.

If you ever need a taxi, the starting fee is 0.80 EUR, and then you pay 0.40 EUR per km.

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6. Extra costs in Malaysia

  • entertainment (concerts, sports, cinema): 30–70 EUR/month
  • private health insurance: 70–185 EUR/year
  • visa and i-Kad fee: 200 EUR (one-time payment). The i-Kad is a biometric residence permit; you must carry it with you at all times.

7. University scholarships and grants

To attract the most talented and ambitious students, many universities in Malaysia offer various types of scholarships:

  • tuition fee waivers (full or partial)
  • tuition fee waiver plus living allowance
  • full grants

You can search for scholarships in Malaysia on our portal or on the official Education Malaysia website.

As a bonus, don’t forget to apply for our Studyportals Scholarship.

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