Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about the Studyportals Scholarship

By Simona Rimkutė

As the final deadline to apply for the Studyportals Scholarship - International Distinction Awards approaches, we have noticed that many of you have inquiries related to the application. In this article, we will tackle the most frequently asked questions.

1. When is the final deadline to apply for the Studyportals Scholarship?

The final deadline to apply for the scholarship is the 30th of June 2020. Note that you will be asked to provide us with a motivation letter (about 500 words) and Letter(s) of Acceptance from the universities or colleges you have applied to.

2. What if I cannot complete the scholarship application because I cannot provide a university Letter of Acceptance before the deadline on the 30th of June?

In case you have not received an unconditional or conditional Letter of Acceptance, you can provide us with any form of approval of your application to the university.

That means you can also send us an email that you have received from the university approving your application, an invoice, or any other kind of official proof showing that you have applied to the university.

Important to note: in case you get shortlisted for the Scholarship winners, later in July, we will be asking for definite proof of Acceptance to the university of your choice.

3. I am not receiving Studyportals emails regarding the scholarship. What can I do?

To receive scholarship related emails, go to your Studyportals’ account settings and make sure your email preferences include “Updates about scholarships and other partner offers that match your profile.” Only users who have this email preference will receive Studyportals emails with updates on the scholarship.

If your email preferences are updated, but you haven’t received any emails, we recommend checking your spam/junk folder, as the scholarship emails might have gotten in there.

In case you have tried all the options mentioned above and still haven’t received scholarship emails, contact Studyportals on our social media platforms.

4. I am not able to meet the scholarship requirements before the deadline on the 30th of June. Can I apply for another scholarship?

Yes, you can subscribe to the next year’s scholarship round. If you stay subscribed to Studyportals emails, we will notify you when we open the new application for the Studyportals Scholarship 2020-2021.

5. How do I upload my Letters of Acceptance and the motivation letter?

Depending on the date when you register for the scholarship, we will send you follow-up emails with info about the next steps in your application.

It is important that you stay subscribed to Studyportals emails, and you will receive more information guiding you throughout the application process. In the email, we will also send you a personalised link where you will be able to upload your Letter(s) of Acceptance and the motivation letter.

People who have applied for the scholarship before the 1st of June can expect to receive a follow-up email in the first week of June. The email will have instructions on how and where to upload the Letter(s) of Acceptance and the motivation letter.

Everyone who has applied or plans to apply for the scholarship after the 1st of June will receive the same email later in the month.

6. How will the Studyportals Scholarship winners be chosen?

In July, we will choose five winners for the Studyportals Scholarships and we will announce them on the 1st of August.

The selection will be based on the motivation letters. We want to see what motivates you to pursue education abroad and how the international experience will help you to achieve your goals. Be creative, personal and original, show us who you are as an individual and why you are a great candidate to win one of the Studyportals Scholarships.

Hopefully, this article has answered all of your burning questions. If you still have other concerns or things that are unclear, don’t hesitate to contact us on our social media channels. We wish you the best of luck with your application!

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