10 Best Jobs for the Future and the Master’s Degrees to Get Them

What are the best jobs for the future? This is an important question to keep in mind when you decide what Master’s degree you want to study and what career you want to follow.

Leaving passions, costs and location aside, you should definitely think about the jobs that will be the most important and relevant 10 or 20 years from now. Additionally, you should avoid the ones that will probably be replaced by automation or the apparently inevitable AI development.

There are various factors that influence the relevance of a certain job, but the constant technological development is perhaps the most important one. The main reason why machines and robots are created is to improve our lives, to make things easier. As they replace repetitive tasks, many people might have to look at other career options.

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With the arrival of AI, things are even blurrier, because artificial intelligence is a new field whose limits are yet to be discovered. Right now, I am writing this article, but could an AI programme do the same 20 or 30 years from now?

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While we can’t guarantee what the future will bring, let’s have a look at 10 jobs where highly specialised and experienced professionals will be in high demand.

1. Software developer

Yes, we know this is already a very popular and well-paid job from the IT (information technology) field. But make no mistake, being an app developer will still be a great choice in the future.

As more and more new technologies are developed, they will need programmes, lines of code and instructions that allow them to function properly. This is why studying a Master’s degree in Computer Science & IT is a great choice for the future.

  • Average salary in the US: 80,000 USD/year

2. AI scientist

We cannot talk about artificial intelligence without talking about the brilliant minds behind it, can we? If you want to be one of the people advancing technology and making people’s lives easier, healthier and safer, becoming an AI scientist is the way to go.

The best thing about this field is that its possibilities are almost limitless. We don’t yet know how far we can go or how much we could achieve. Think of it as having the opportunity to make a huge contribution to the future of humanity.

However, keep in mind the ongoing discussion about the ethics of AI development. This is a key problem solving aspect and it's just as important as information security and privacy. Remember that we enjoyed watching the Terminator, but let’s not make that a reality, ok?

  • Average salary in the US: 83,500 USD/year 

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3. Virtual Reality designer

If addiction to technology bothers you, you won’t like to hear that there is a high demand for VR headsets and other gadgets that could soon become mainstream.

On the plus side, this is the perfect opportunity for someone who’s always dreamed of other worlds but has never been able to create them. Virtual reality offers that opportunity to everybody who is willing to learn the skills needed to work in this new and rapidly growing industry.

  • Average salary in the US: 67,000 USD/year

4. Biotechnologist

While there are various jobs in the Biotechnology field, you will generally work with advanced tools, trying to fix technical or biological problems, developing new products and so on.

Whether you are modifying genetic sequences, coming up with new medical solutions or helping Microsoft as they plan to use DNA as storage, one thing is certain: you will not get bored and you’ll always have something interesting to say at the dinner table.

  • Average salary in the US: 80,000 USD/year

5. Teacher/Professor

The importance of quality education should never be underestimated. Having a great teacher, who’s calm, understanding and inspiring can do you a world of good and positively support your development.

Being an amazing professor can fulfil you in so many ways and there’s nothing better than knowing that the future generations have a better chance of being successful thanks to you.

  • Average salary in the US: 45,000 USD/year - teacher, 114,000 USD - professor

6. Marketing specialist

Marketing research is one of the fields that will still be around in the future since companies will always strive to develop and achieve more.

In order to do that, they will need people who are capable of promoting their goods and services in smart innovative ways and maintaining their brand image. If this already sounds interesting, you can look at the Master’s degrees in Marketing available abroad.

  • Average salary in the US: 50,500 USD/year

7. Business analyst

Since companies will not be going anywhere anytime soon, neither will this job, which will remain a safe bet for the future. The tasks of a business analyst are various in nature: you’ll be the bridge between departments, analyse data, come up with solutions and evaluate various project implementations.

To put it shortly, you’ll need to have both technical and communication skills in order to successfully do this job, and it all starts with your Business studies.

  • Average salary in the US: 69,000 USD/year

8. Nurse

Yet another job that will not be replaced by R2-D2 anytime soon. Being a registered nurse and taking care of other humans involves more than just medical knowledge.

In order to work in the health care department, you need to have empathy, understanding and mental and emotional strength. It’s definitely not an easy job due to its great responsibilities, but it is one for the future.

  • Average salary in the US: 69,000 USD/year

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9. Psychotherapist

More and more people discover that after earning a living and achieving many of their goals, there’s still something within them that remains unfulfilled.

There is a desire to find something more and often-times psychotherapists are the ones that help people get in touch with this aspect and find ways to successfully and healthily express it in the world.

I don’t see Google Now or Siri capable of doing this kind of job since it involves way too many human skills. So, feel free to explore your Psychology study options and decide which programme fits you best.

  • Average salary in the US: 38,500 USD/year

10. Literally anything related to eSports

Ok, it was a bit of a surprise even for us. But this industry has been growing incredibly fast in the last years without showing any kind of slowdown. All this while not even being mainstream yet. Esports are basically video game competitions for pros.

There is more and more money invested annually and it attracts people all over the world. While this industry might have the biggest question mark surrounding it, do not be surprised if it becomes a worldwide phenomenon in the future.

Your earnings will depend on whether you are a professional player, an organiser, on the prizes for each tournament and so on.

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We also have a small bonus for you, a list of jobs that are most likely to be (or already are) replaced by automation or AI development:

  • Cashiers
  • Travel agents
  • Dispatchers
  • Fast-food workers
  • Telemarketers
  • Accountants
  • Drivers
  • Farmers

When you think about the best jobs for the future, keep an open mind and see how things develop. These lists are based on the current situation and data predictions, but nobody knows for sure what will happen. While most of them might be true, there could be a few surprises.

Also, the most important thing is to find out what you enjoy doing, what really drives you. All great things are done with passion and involvement, and your job shouldn’t be any different. Keep that in mind and follow your heart as we are heading towards a future where technology will play a very important role.

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