Best Neuroscience Universities and Schools in the World in 2022

Who wouldn’t want to get a chance to understand the mysterious ways we are wired – from thoughts, to emotions, to behaviour, to the most important body functions?

And what better way to go on this journey than doing graduate studies at some of the best schools of Neuroscience in the world?

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U.S. News Global Rankings 2022: Neuroscience and Behaviour

U.S. News releases a list of best universities in the world ranking every year, guiding you and other students to choose Master's programmes and universities that offer quality education. This year’s best universities and colleges for Neuroscience are:

We also recommend checking out the following universities offering Neuroscience degrees:

Doing a Master’s degree at one of these schools is almost guaranteed to put you on the leading path to becoming a top researcher in Neuroscience – the brilliant mind who advances the understanding of how the nervous system works, and who finds ways to treat and prevent problems that affect the brain and the body. Check out the full Neuroscience school ranking on U.S. News.

Masters in neuroscience

While these schools are la crème de la crème, it does not mean you should limit your hopes and dreams to only ten universities. You should always keep an open mind and check out more colleges until you find the one that really matches your academic needs and budget options.

Countries with the most English-taught Masters in Neuroscience

The top 10 Neuroscience schools according to U.S. News are either located in the USA, or the UK. If your dream is to live and study in these countries, then you’re all set.

But what if you want to do your Neuroscience degree in another country? Or you can’t afford right know to study in the US or the United Kingdom?  In that case, you can opt to look for your ideal graduate programme where you can find the most English-taught degrees in Neuroscience.

Apart from the United Kingdom and the United States, you should definitely check what the following countries have to offer in Neuroscience studies:

You can also check out online Masters in Neuroscience and study from anywhere you want.

Neuroscience specialisations you can consider

What? Isn’t Neuroscience already a specialisation that combines Science, Medicine and Psychology? Well, it is. But the field has also developed so much in recent years that you can pick even smaller niches to become an expert in.

Now we know that nature and nurture both affect how the brain learns and works and that our grey matter continues to change as long as we keep learning. Basically, it’s a matter of "use it or lose it". 

Stop learning or performing an activity, and the brain area that was involved with that activity will… well … shrink to a normal dimension. As you can see, Neuroscience is not only about treating and preventing health issues, it is also about optimising our intelligence.

Being so complex, it’s no wonder you can choose from a variety of Neuroscience specialisations (about 15). Here are some fields you can focus on:

  • Affective Neuroscience: find out how neurons behave when it comes to emotions (run away?)
  • Behavioural Neuroscience: find out how the brain influences people’s behaviour
  • Clinical Neuroscience: understand and treat the medical disorders of the nervous system
  • Cognitive Neuroscience: discover how the brain biology reacts to learning and thinking (ooh, what does this button do?)
  • Cultural Neuroscience: focus on how our environment and our neurological system influence each other

Compare Masters in Neuroscience

The ancient Egyptians thought the heart was where intelligence hid. The ancient Greeks started to suspect that the ‘culprit’ is the brain. Now we have confirmed the Greeks’ suspicions, but there’s so much more we still don’t understand.

If you want to work in a field that will give you things to investigate your whole life, you’ll hit the jackpot with a programme in Neuroscience!

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