How to Get a Student Residence Permit in Slovenia

by Gabriela Tanevska, Student Ambassador

Deciding to study abroad is not an easy decision to make, but I am sure it’s worth making. It will change your life forever. Once you decide to apply for an international degree and you get accepted at your desired university, there are some formalities you need to go through to ensure your legal stay in the country of your studies, such as getting a visa or a residence permit.

When I got accepted at the University of Ljubljana, I didn’t need to apply for a visa before I could move to Slovenia. However, for some non-EU students, getting a valid visa might be required before moving, so be sure to check what kind of obligations apply for your specific country. 

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As a student coming from Macedonia, I had to obtain the temporary residence permit directly from the Office for foreigners in Ljubljana which allowed me to stay in the country and follow my studies.

Necessary documents for a Slovenian student residence permit

Once you enter Slovenia, you need to register at the Administrative Unit of Ljubljana, Department of Foreign Citizens, (Upravna Enota) within 90 days and bring with you the following:

For EU citizens:

  • two passport size photos
  • identity card or passport and its copy
  • valid health insurance
  • certificate of admission to the University
  • a statement that you have enough financial means to cover the living costs in Slovenia
  • a statement about the intended duration of living in Slovenia
  • application fee

Study abroad in Slovenia For non-EU citizens:

  • two passport size photos
  • you will be asked to leave your fingerprints
  • a valid passport and a copy of the first page. The passport must be valid for 3 additional months after the intended stay in Slovenia
  • copy of the page in the passport where you have the stamp of entering in Slovenia or copy of a valid visa
  • certificate of enrolment at the University
  • valid health insurance
  • criminal record from your home country that confirms that you haven’t been convicted of a felony, translated into Slovene and certified
  • application fee
  • a statement confirming you have the financial means to cover your living expenses

Collecting your residence permit 

Once your temporary residence permit is ready, you will receive a notification on your email with instructions detailing when you can collect it. At the time of the collection, you can also arrange your temporary address if you plan to live in a private accommodation.

As requirements might change from year to year, be sure to check updates before leaving your country in order to get necessary documents on time and enjoy your studies in Slovenia.

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