What Can I Become with a Master's Degree in Data Science and Big Data? Decide what to study

Data Science and Big Data are very hot topics nowadays among information technology specialists, but also among media outlets around the world. Directly connected to data analysis and business intelligence, the knowledge and skills learned during a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in big data are incredibly valuable for today’s job market. 

Big Data and Data Science

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In a world where every type of job involves working with data (of any kind), almost everybody needs a skilled data scientist to filter the red flags, interpret data, and find solutions. A data scientist is like an analyst who can predict and calculate the potential results of the business by looking at streams of data.

All fine and dandy, but what are some specific jobs for a Data Science graduate? We’ll get to that in a minute!

First let’s checks some of the best countries where you can study Data Science and have the best jobs prospects. The countdown goes like this:

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5 career options for graduates of Data Science
1. Statistician

Work for: national governments, local authorities, consulting and reporting companies, market research companies and research institutes.

As a statistician, you will have to extract various data from data bases through various statistical methods and tests. You will also have to make sure of the quality and the validity of the final conclusions after all the data has been gathered.  While you can also study a Master's in Statistics to do that, you increase your chances of a good jobs if you do a degree in Big Data and Data Science such as:

2. Business intelligence reporting professional

Work for: tech companies, financial companies, consulting and reporting companies.

As business intelligence specialist you can do market research or generate various reports from structured data. BI specialists will use SQL, machine language and statistical tools to comprise reports and analysis and send all this data to management. To follow this career path you can also enrol at a Master's degree in Business Intelligence, but if you want to study Big Data and Data Science you should go for programmes like:

3. Data Analyst

Work for telecommunications companies, finance companies, manufacturing companies, construction and utility companies and other large companies.

As data analysts you will be responsible for keeping track of various factors and also create visual graphics.  For instance, you’ll extract data related to shopping trends taking into consideration if shopping behaviour depends on seasons, gender, demographics, etc. You will present your evaluation through the uses of visual graphic tools. Some examples of specialized Master’s programme to help you work like Data Analyst are:

4. Data Mining or Big Data Engineer

Work for: tech companies, entertainment companies, retail and trade companies.

You will collect and analyse big loads of data, sometimes from unstructured information and you’ll also be responsible for building and maintaining the software infrastructure. You’ll use various programming or scripting languages to develop and initiate big data solutions. If this type of career feels right for you, go for Masters like:

Big Data and Data Science

5. Program/Project Manager 

Work for: any company.

Your job will be to influence business decisions after using and evaluating the data and insights provided by the main operational departments of a company. You’ll deal with planning, making sure the work meets required standards and according to the established budget. In some companies, project managers also require knowledge of statistics. While you can also develop such a career with a Master's degree in Project Management, if you also have Data Science skills it’s even better. Some specialized  Master’s programmes in this field are:

Top salary prospects for Big Data and Data Science graduates

Careers site Glassdoor named the data scientist job as the "best job in America" for 2016. Harvard Business Review called data scientist “the sexiest job” of the 21st century. According to the American Bureau of Labor Statistics, the growth of jobs is expected to turn to around 11% by 2024. So is there any wonder there’s good money in a career in Data Science?

Here are a few international salary examples for data scientist careers:

  • United States - 110,000 USD/ year
  • United Kingdom - 40,000 GBP/year
  • Denmark - 113,000 USD/year

If you have the keen eye for patterns and puzzles, the focus and dedication of an analyst, as well as programming prowess, you should definitely start unlocking the challenges of data with a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Big data and Data science.

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