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We're teaming up with universities from all around the world, to make sure that you get the best application experience. Every day we work hard to get more universities on board.

What is Studyportals Apply?

Studyportals Apply is designed to make it easier for you to apply to your future university programme. We've helped tens of thousands of students to get into their dream university, and we’ll use this experience to give you expert assistance during your university application.

By using Studyportals Apply you avoid gaps in communication with the universities. We make sure you won't miss any of the necessary steps during your application process.

Steps towards a successful application

Congratulations! You decided to study abroad and found the programme you always dreamed of. Of course, now you're eager to know as soon as possible if the university will accept you. We will help you with this.

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1 Create account

You have a full overview of the current status of your applications.

2 Fill in profile data

You will be assigned to a personal counsellor once you provide all personal data.

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3 Personal counsellor

Your personal counsellor will review your information and contact you soon afterwords.

4 Start applying

Together with your counsellor, you create a shortlist with high potential studies you can apply for.

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5 Admitted!

We will apply on your behalf. Now fingers crossed to see if you are going to be accepted.

What our students say

We have helped more than 70.000 students enroll in more than 2.000 universities. Find out how they value our application service.

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    Studyportals helped me find my dream program in Bioarchaeological and Forensic Anthropology. If you have the opportunity, take the leap! There are no words to describe how much it's worth it.

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    I was looking for universities for roughly over a year through Studyportals and I finally found my university through them. Moving from home might have some doubts but it is worth it to experience the world and get a taste of what is truly out there.

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    Studyportals is the main factor that I am here. It was my best decision of my life. Now I am living my dream, to study, work and live abroad. I got to know amazing people from all around the world, learned some German, and I love the University programme, is intense, involving and helps students to grow in the personal and professional aspect.

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    I have used it to find my programme and I know how much it can help students in making the right decision. Even now that I am already registered, I still use Studyportals to find summer programmes and I am constantly recommending it to friends that are going through the same struggle that I went through when I had to choose a study.

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    Sri Lanka

    It was a critical lengthy task for me to select my masters program out of huge number of reputed universities out there in the world. I had few preferences based on my level of skill set. Financial support also act a huge role selecting a study program as I am not a coming from a well established wealthy family. As such Studyportals website enabled me to enter all of my filters swiftly and shortlisted my search immensely. Thank you so much Studyportals. Now I am using you to find a university for my younger brother.

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