Visa Info for Iranian Students Going to a University in Iceland

Are you from Iran? You might need a student visa...

...But, well, you see, our army of scientist monkeys didn't finish the student visa research for Iceland yet!

Don't worry, everything is ok. We're on it, and we're doing all we can to make your search for the right international degree in Iceland a little easier and more enjoyable.

Still, you can always beat us to the punch and:

  • Check if you really need a student visa. Usually, if you are an EU-national and want to study in another EU country, you won't need a visa. Some other non-EU countries may also be exempt from an entry visa, at least for an initial duration.
  • Start accessing the websites of the embassy and consulate, in order to get a general picture of the whole "visa-application" thing;
  • Check the deadlines and figure out how much time you'll have to wait for your visa. You wouldn't want miss studying abroad from this silly mistake of bad planning;
  • Go on a scavenger hunt and collect all the documents you will need. Remember, you can find the list on the embassy's website;
  • Start saving up money, as some applications might require you to have proof of minimum funds.
  • Brush up on your English skills. Even if this is not always a visa requirement, it will help you a lot to succeed during your university studies.

All in all, what else can we say but: good luck and never forget to have fun during your studies!

Thanks and good luck!


Don't let the name fool you! Iceland is actually greener than Greenland, but, a very long time ago, someone tried to mislead people into moving toGreenland instead.

As an international student, expect to feel very welcome in Icelandic universities, which typically start the year with concerts, workshops, dance events, and campus walks. Also, don't forget the special welcome from the white walkers on the filming set of "Game of Thrones".

Iceland's most popular study options among international students are in Engineering and Technology, and in Business and Management.

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