The Thierry Graduate School of Leadership

There are two entities, THIERRY and INSIL. At the International Higher Institute for Leadership INSIL of France there are the masters and PhD programs offered by distance learning. At THIERRY one finds the tailor-made (bespoke) programs for CEOs, and the leadership programs' research and development unit. 



Founded by Jean-Pierre Bal, and in the millennium-bridging year 2000, the school fosters an ambitious yet peaceful mission of educating  Better Leaders for a Better World,  and nowadays walks on the humble path of training leaders one by one.


  • The master's programme is composed of the diploma-curriculum in Applied Leadership Studies plus the Master of Arts in Leadership degree phase.
  • The doctoral programme is formed by the postgraduate curriculum and diploma in Advanced Leadership Studies (PALS) and the PhD degree path in Leadership.
  • The specialist programme in Environmental Leadership, called TERRA, is intended for persons who wish to focus on leadership for the environment, for instance in view of climate change and environmental policy.


At Recherche Leudance Research (RLR), the THIERRY think-tank, it is the practice-oriented research in leadership, initiated in the early 1990s by the school's founder, that continues its course while remaining anchored in the primal and unbiased, meaning, content, and scope of the terms leader, leading (to lead), and leadership, while encompassing the multidisciplinary realms in the THIERRY-programmes.

Master's Programmes

Business & Management (2)
Environmental Studies & Earth Sciences (1)


Housing services

The THIERRY ecological or environmental campus, the eco-campus, came into being in 2010. It replaced the earlier project of having an urban campus in Brussels. Already in the summer of 2004 the idea of a countryside type of campus emerged, while aligning with the original Latin word 'campus' meaning meadow.

Library services

The school's traditional physical library is located at the eco-campus House, in the Belgian Ardennes region. There are many convenient reading and study corners and spaces, and the shared main room.

Student Life

Campus life

The THIERRY ecological or environmental campus, the eco-campus, replaces the earlier project of an urban campus in Brussels. It was in the summer of 2004 already that the idea of a countryside type of campus emerged, and also to align with the original Latin 'campus' which means field or meadow.