The Cyprus Institute of Marketing, BVI (Distance-Learning Studies)

CIM (BVI) is a Distance-Learning Business University listed in UNESCO’s 'World University Handbook' and it enjoys recognition in many countries in Africa and Europe. However, the highest recognition comes from the industry itself. CIM (BVI) is considered the leading distance learning school in the region, so its graduates are much sought-after.



Established in 1997, the Cyprus Institute of Marketing (BVI) is a pioneer in offering distance learning degrees.


CIM (BVI) offers Bachelor, Master, and PhD programmes in fields including Tourism; Shipping; Insurance; Banking; Human Resource Management; Psychology; Business Law; and Financial and Computer Studies.


Life after CIM - Business Success

CIM (BVI) has won the respect and recognition of business managers around the world, which is why our graduates are sought after by corporations. It is with great satisfaction that we see so many of our alumni holding key positions across the industry. We take our market position very seriously, and we are fully committed to facing the challenges that lay ahead to maintain our role as global leaders in higher education.


Student services

CIM students are allocated a personal tutor who monitors their studies. Twice-weekly contact between the student and tutor is encouraged, but is at the discretion of the student. In addition, students have access to tutors at the Cyprus Institute of Marketing’s overseas center in their home country (where applicable).

ICT services

It maintains close links with respectable universities in the UK and the US, offering the choice to its students to continue their studies abroad.

Student Life

Campus life

Apart from the method of Distance-Learning, whereby students around the world study directly with the Institute, CIM (BVI) operates globally through a system of Overseas Tuition Centres. Overseas Tuition Centres are provided with all materials and undertake the delivery of the syllabus, always in accordance with the strict guidelines issued by the Institute. The exams are controlled by the Institute in order to maintain uniformity in academic standards.


CIM (BVI) has been accepted for membership by leading European Bodies such as the European Distance Education Network (EDEN), European Association for International Education (EAIE), Network of International Business Schools (NIBS) and many others.

CIM (BVI) also enjoys accreditation from world-renowned accrediting bodies such as the Confederation of International Accreditation Commission.