SRH Hochschule Heidelberg

SRH University Heidelberg is one of the largest and oldest private universities in Germany. About 3,000 students are currently enrolled in the various faculties. Being a private university, our first priority is to promote the personal success of our students. The effective combination of theoretical knowledge and practical experience and the benefits of close cooperation between professors and students motivate our students to excellence.

Master's Programmes

Computer Science & IT (2)
Applied Sciences & Professions (1)
Business & Management (1)



Get your graduate degree in one of the English Master Programs! Get your undergraduate degree in the English “International Business” Program! Study any of the 36 Programs in German! Come as an exchange student from one of our partner universities!

Study in English in an intercultural environment with students from Germany and 20+ nationalities.

  • M.Sc. Applied Computer Science
  • M.Eng. International Business and Engineering
  • M.Eng. Information Technology
  • M.A. Music Therapy
  • B.A. International Business


Student services

Mandatory Orientation SessionThe International Office will organize Orientation during your first week, provide social and cultural advice, and link you up with other international students. And we will always be happy to assist you with formalities or any problems you may encounter.

Enrollment at Central Students’ ServicesYou have to show up in person in order to enroll at SRH University Heidelberg. Please bring the following documents:

  • Your notification of admission
  • Originals of: secondary school leaving certificate, university degree certificate (if applicable)
  • Passport with visa

Housing services

Students in Germany either live in a student hall of residence or in private accommodation. In contrast to other countries, German universities do not automatically allocate rooms to students when they enroll. This means that even international students are responsible for finding their own accommodation.

  • Dorms on campus: There are several dorms on campus, furnished with a bed, mattress, desk, chair, bookshelf, and wardrobe. Some have private bathrooms and some have shared kitchens. Please bring bedding and pillows with you or buy it at the International Office.
  • Short-term hostels
  • Sharing an apartment

Medical services

As a student in Germany, you are required to have health insurance. Without proof of coverage, no German university will accept you.

Student Life

Campus life

The safe environment within our campus and the city of Heidelberg is essential for peaceful and productive studies. Germany is politically stable and places great value on peace, order, and a fair rule of law. The rights of all citizens are respected, regardless of their cultural, ethnic or religious background.

Germany is one of the most preferred host countries for international students. Heidelberg is world-famous as one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, linking both historical ambiance and top-level higher education facilities.