Kharkiv National University of Radioelectronics

Kharkov national university of radio electronics (KHNURE) - one of the oldest higher educational institutions of the Ukraine. University is based in 1930.




  • Faculty of Computer Engineering and Control
  • Faculty of Applied Mathematics and Management
  • Faculty of Automa­tion and Computer Technologies
  • Faculty of Computer Sciences
  • Faculty of Tele­communications and Instrumen­tation
  • Faculty of Electronic Engineering


Research Park “Radio Electronics and Informatics” (RP REI)

Main functions
  • Creation of new kinds of innovation products, realization of measures aimed at their commercialization;
  • Information-methodological support, legal security and consulting services of the Research Park promoters and partners;
  • Provision of the ET specialty students with the training base, including those ones belonging to economic entities;
  • Development of business plans and marketing programs, information-consulting support of technologies transfer;
  • Advancement and support of small innovation enterprise;
  • Procurement of risk (venture) capital and use it in own activity, support of science-intensive industry;

Master's Programmes


Student services

The Student Senate is the Student Government of the University which was established in 2004. Among its many responsibilities the Senate initiates actions on student concerns, provides help to organize students and post-graduates professional and social life.

Library services

  • the collection of print editions and manuscripts (more than 760,000 items);
  • a full-text database in the Electronic Library (over 19,500 items);
  • database of the study and methodical complexes (more than 4,000 documents);
  • Electronic Archives (open access, more than 2,000 of scientific and methodical documents);
  • access to the subscribed databases(the list of them you can find on the Library web-site).

Medical services

The sanatorium-preventorium “Impulse” for 75 people opened in December 1986. Since 2004 the sanatorium has been headed by Tetiana Anpilogova. Under her guidance the sanatorium work is being constantly improved. All buildings of the sanatorium have been renovated and equipped with modern devices and furniture.

Student Life

Campus life

University student hostels have all conditions for students’ studies and rest. Students live in comfortable rooms for 2-3 people. Hostels have modern gyms, chess clubs, cafes, a sport club “Metallist”, a students’ theater, rooms for musical classes and musical evenings, a permanent exhibition of students’ works. All hostels are connected by a computer network and provide comfortable conditions for students’ living.

Sports facilities

The aims and objectives of the Sprot Club of KhNURE «Radiotechnik» (SC «Radiotechnik») are:

  • strengthening the health of students;
  • further massive involvement of students in playing sports;
  • finding the best athletes for recruitment to the University's sport teams;
  • promotion and popularization of sport and its role in the everyday life of young people;
  • nurturing of moral standings;
  • learning students to organize sports activities and sports officiating;
  • struggle against negative phenomena among young people.

Student clubs

The Student Club is a cultural, teaching and educational center of KhNURE, which occupies a leading place in the sphere of aesthetic, spiritual and moral education of the youth. Participating in the creative groups of the Club, every student has an opportunity to show his or her talent and skills.


Kharkiv National University of Radioelectronics (KNURE) is a higher education institution of the highest level of accreditation in Ukraine