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Ecole Centrale de Nantes

4.0 out of 5 (11 ratings / 10 reviews) Nantes, France
Centrale Nantes is a public institution with a scientific, cultural and professional vocation. It is endowed with legal personality and pedagogical, scientific, administrative and financial autonomy. Centrale Nantes' ability to adapt and its appetite to seize opportunities and build a constantly evolving project is an essential value for the school and its stakeholders. 



In keeping with the traditions of French Engineering schools (grandes écoles d'ingénieurs), Centrale Nantes, founded in 1919, trains versatile engineers to a very high scientific and technical level. Equipped with a strong managerial culture, they are capable of placing scientific subjects into a global context incorporating environmental and societal issues.


  • As a member of the Ecoles Centrales Group (Lille, Lyon, Marseille, Nantes and Paris), Centrale Nantes delivers a teaching programme of the highest quality to rigorously selected students. Over 2000 students are present on the Nantes campus.
  • Wide Range of Choises: In the 2nd and 3rd years, explore scientific fields among 22 specialisations. In the 3rd year, choose an option to study more particularly a sector of activity or a function in the company.or engage in a double-degree abroad or follow a double-degree in engineering & management, engineering and architecture or engineering and naval studies.


Research at Centrale Nantes is organised around 11 main themes: 

  • Ocean engineering and MRE
  • Computer science and automation
  • Robotics
  • Energy and engines
  • Manufacturing and additive manufacturing
  • Bioengineering
  • Civil engineering and innovative concrete
  • Numerical simulation and high perfomance computing
  • Materials and composites
  • Urban environment
  • Social sciences and humanities


  • Centrale Nantes has developed a talent and career center that, in partnership with the Nantes Alumni Association, provides students and graduates with new tools and services on self-awareness, knowledge of sectors of activity, expertise of job search tools, etc. Among these, multiple sessions - workshops, training, conferences, assistance in resume writing, career workshops, coaching, use of networks.
  • These tools and services are offered as Career Passes. These passes, customized accord to the key stages of your career, allow you to define an effective plan of action through individualized advice and guidance, tailored to your profile and career plan. Members of the association Nantes Alumni get them for free.

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Housing services

  • Max Schmitt Residence on campus

French and international students joining the first year of the Engineering Programme, who have accepted their place, are automatically offered a place in the halls.  

  • CROUS University residences
Each year Centrale Nantes benefits from a cooperation agreement with "CROUS" (French national organization) to book accommodation in university residences near the campus.
  • Résidence Saumonières
  • Résidence Alice Milliat
  • Cité Bourgeonnière
  • Cité Fresche Blanc

Library services

The Centrale Nantes Library strives to provide students, teachers, researchers, research engineers and doctoral students with the documentary resources that meet their needs. Electronic resources available:

  • Over 20 000 documents
  • 8 000 freely available books
  • 1 100 theses
  • 70 ongoing magazine subscriptions
  • 120 archived titles
  • The entire collection of Techniques de l'Ingénieur (Engineering techniques)

ICT services

  • The Ecole Centrale wireless network: WIFI-ECN
  • Eduroam wireless network
  • Eduspot wireless network
  • Mail service for travel
  • VPN connection for permanent staff

Medical services

Medicals, vaccinations, minor ailments, the school nurse is on hand and will be your main contact point for preventative medicine and first aid. The nurse conducts the mandatory medical for all first year engineering students.

Student Life

Campus life

Centrale Nantes in the heart of an super-sized metropolis.

  • On one hand, a wood and steel 12 meter-high elephant on whose back tourists ride to discover Nantes. On the other hand, the first sailing of the world's largest ship built in Saint-Nazaire, which made the front pages of all the international media. 
  • Two “super-sized” images summing up the new prominence of Nantes Saint-Nazaire. One represents the dynamism of an urban area where cultural and creative industries have strong growth potential. The other symbolises the positive outlook for shipbuilding in the Loire estuary, and more broadly, a local industry boosted by advanced technology.

Sports facilities

  •  Built by the Carquefou-based company ART DAN, this new ground raises the sporting standards of Centrale Nantes even higher. The pitch - Eurofield TT 375 mixed grass system (Eurofield ©) on a layer of Brock © F24 flexibility - meets all the requirements of the World Rugby International Federation. 
  • The aesthetics of the structure have not been neglected. The pitch entry and clearance areas have been designed in Centrale Nantes colours. 
  • Finally, in keeping with its reputation, Centrale Nantes gives pride of place to technological innovation, since site maintenance will be carried out by a new generation Belgian robot: Astrobot. Meeting the standards FFF and IRB standards, it will facilitate the ground’s maintenance and thus its playability in the long term.

Student clubs

A very lively and dynamic associative activity, thanks to student engagement and the active support of the school.

  • More than 80 clubs and associations
  • Various activities all year round: robotics club, film club, poker, cookery, Zik, ski week, participation in 4L trophy
  • Events of regional or national scope: Créadanse, Inkjet Competition, Nemo Challenge, international week
Students can find an activity that allows them to express their talents, to develop their organization, project management, and communication skills. A great experience on a personal level, but also a first step towards professional skills.

Focus on a few associations

  • Forum Atlantique
  • CNE - Junior Entreprise
  • Centrale Nantes Saildrone


3 Masters programs have earned the the ERASMUS MUNDUS label:

  • European Master in Advanced Robotics (EMARO)
  • Master of Science in Computational Mechanics
  • EM SHIP Advanced Design

All of Centrale Nantes' programs are recognized and accredited by the French Ministry of Higher Education.

International Masters

  • Advanced Robotics
  • Automatic Control, Signal and Image
  • Computational Mechanics
  • Hydrodynamics and Ocean Engineering
  • Energetics and Propulsion
  • Design of Systems and Products
  • Metallic Assemblies and Complex Composites
  • Civil Engineering
  • Urban Environment
  • Ship Operation and Naval engineering

Student Reviews

Tank you Europe !
Côme Keranflec'h rated 5 out of 5 stars

I enjoyed the exchanges between the universities, like the Écoke Centrale de Nantes and the Architecture School in Nantes, but also the Czech Technical University in Prague for my Erasmus exchange.

Anonymous rated 4 out of 5 stars

I got accepted into Ecole Centrale de Nantes. To be honest its really hard to study here. It is not an easy job but the life here in Nantes is amazing, the people so nice. Its really a blessing to be here

Anonymous rated 4 out of 5 stars

I recommend this university for its double diploma in architecture and its education.