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Université de Poitiers

4.0 out of 5 (38 ratings / 17 reviews) Poitiers, France
The University of Poitiers, founded in 1431 by Pope Eugene IV, later confirmed by French King Charles VII’s letters patent, was originally composed of five Colleges: theology, canon law, civil law, medicine and arts.

Master's Programmes

Engineering & Technology (1)
Environmental Studies & Earth Sciences (1)



The University of Poitiers, founded in 1431 by Pope Eugene IV, later confirmed by French King Charles VII’s letters patent, was originally composed of five Colleges: theology, canon law, civil law, medicine and arts.


One of the main strengths of Poitiers University is its comprehensiveness and multi-disciplinary offerings, for the benefit of all students. Poitiers University boast 7 colleges, 2 Scools and 5 institutes.


Research Laboratories

  • Center for Aerodynamic and Thermal Studies
  • Pprime Institute: Mechanical, Materials and Energy Engineering and Research
  • Laboratory of Automatic Control and Computer Science for Systems
  • Laboratory of Applied Mathematics
  • Institute of Chemistry of Poitiers : Materials and Natural Resources
  • Molecular Targets and Therapeutics for Alzheimer
  • Institute of Physiology and Cell Biology
  • Laboratory of Experimental and Clinical Neurosciences
  • Laboratory of Ecological and Biological Interactions
  • Laboratory of Inflammation and Epithelial and Cytokine Tissues
  • Laboratory of Mobility, Aging and Exercise
  • Laboratory of Anti-infective Pharmacology
  • Models of Malignant and Therapeutic Stem Cells

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University Ranking

QS World University Rankings by TopUniversities
801 -100
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Best Global Universities Rankings by U.S. News & World Report
863 -50
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Library services

As a University of Poitiers student, you will have free access to all university libraries:

  • University Library of Law and Literature
  • University Library of Sciences, Technology and Sports
  • University Library of Medicine and Pharmacy
  • University Library of Humanities,Arts and Medieval Civilization
  • University Library of Education (IUFM)
  • Library of the Institute of Business Administration

ICT services

  • All students enrolled at the University of Poitiers are automatically given an e-mail address, a mailbox and a personalized, secure virtual desk
  • Free access computer rooms are available in the faculty buildings. WiFi internet connection is available on all university sites.

Medical services

Social workers are available at both the Student Health Care Centre (SIUMPPS) and Crous . Their mission is to welcome, listen and provide information on specific student legislation to help students with personal, family, financial or school-related problems.

Student Life

Campus life

Located in the capital of the region, the university has three major sites : in th town centre, on campus and in the training area of the Futuroscope complex. Its influence estends throught the entire Poitou-Charentes region with its extension centres in several towns :

  • In the Vienne, the University Institute for Technology is also located in Châtellerault.
  • In the Deux-Sèvres, a university extension in Niort offers various curricula with emphasis on Risck Management, since Niort is France's capital for major insurance companies.
  • In the Charente, the University Centre of the Charente and the University Institute for Technology are located in Angoulême.
  • In the Charente-Maritime, there is the Audio-Visual Centre

Sports facilities

The University offers numerous sporting activities, including aikido, aerobics, athletics, badminton, basketball, orienteering, dance, rock climbing, fencing, football, golf, handball, judo, jujitsu, karate, kayaking, weightlifting, swimming, rugby, tennis, ping pong, sailing, volleyball, water polo, contemporary dance, salsa and African dance.

Student clubs

The community is made up of students and graduates from diverse academic, professional and geographical backgrounds. By joining the network you will diversify, boost, and expand your potential resources, knowledge, and acquaintances.

Student Reviews

The best and the worst
Anonymous rated 3 out of 5 stars

This has been the best and the worst experience at the same time. Why the best? Because I met a lot of people, I improved my language skills, I had the opportunity to study in a different country and to see how it works. From this point of view it has been useful to understand what works and what doesn't, in every field, starting from the education system. Why the worst?...

The residence offered precarious conditions.
Anonymous rated 3 out of 5 stars

The residence offered precarious conditions Not to go to a residence

Not so rigorous.
Anonymous rated 4 out of 5 stars

not so rigorous