Institut Superieur De Marketing Du Luxe

Number one ranking for educating students interested in working in the luxury sector, its specialized MBA is the reference in the sector in France and internationally.



Founded by Cartier in 1990, The Institut Supérieur de Marketing du Luxe provides the only training in the world desired and supported by professionals from the sector.



  • Build a breeding ground of young managers for the range of professions in the sector, in close cooperation with the brands,
  • Defend the values of luxury while animating and enriching an observatory and a center for research and studies of luxury references on a global scale,
  • Promote a broad general culture of the sector through frequent book publishing.


Perspectives for finding work in the luxury sector are genuine for young graduates. However, mass employment is not available, but rather a targeted recruitment of young candidates having a well-rounded knowledge of its codes and of the luxury trade as well as a strong personality.