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Sotheby's Institute of Art-NY

Evolving from a small connoisseurship program begun by Sotheby's Auction House in 1969 Sotheby's Institute is now the leader in art business education and object based learning. Our faculty represent the best of the art world helping students master the unique forces at play at the intersection of art and commerce.

Master's Programmes

Arts, Design & Architecture (1)
Business & Management (1)
Humanities (1)



Initially, the Institute served as a training program for auction house employees that pioneered new educational offerings. Since 1995 the London Institute has been an affiliated institution of the University of Manchester, the most eminent of the English civic universities and part of the esteemed Russell Group.


Sotheby’s Institute of Art (SIA) offers unique career development opportunities through our partnership with the Sotheby’s auction house. Working with our Career Services office, Sotheby’s auction house selects Master’s Degree students for the Sotheby’s Floater Program in the Sotheby’s New York headquarters. The position is a six-month full-time, paid position at the auction house, and focuses on the immediate business needs of one particular department, or may involve working with multiple departments.

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Manhattan, New York, United States