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The Graduate Center City University of New York

The Graduate Center is located in the heart of Manhattan and set within the large and multi-campus City University of New York. It fosters advanced graduate education, original research and scholarship, innovative university-wide programs, and vibrant public events that draw upon and contribute to the complex communities of New York City and beyond.

Master's Programmes

Applied Sciences & Professions (1)
Natural Sciences & Mathematics (1)

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Library services

The Graduate Center Library is the hub of CUNY’s scholarly production. The library’s print collection primarily supports the Graduate Center curriculum, while the library’s digital resources, active reference and instruction services, and robust resource sharing support faculty and graduate research.

ICT services

Information Technology (IT) is the division of the Graduate Center responsible for voice, video and data systems and services. The mission of this unit is to promote, facilitate and support the effective use of technology in instruction and learning, in research, and in processing and accessing institutional information. 


The Graduate Center is accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education.

New York City, New York, United States