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Biblical Theological Seminary

Souderton, Pennsylvania, United States
We are an evangelical seminary with locations in suburban and urban Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Our focus on missional theology and missional training will help prepare you for ministry no matter where you serve.



“Biblical Seminary was founded in my dining room.” So wrote John Weir Murray, pastor and radio evangelist, and founder of both Bible Evangelism, Inc. and Clearwater Christian College. When Dr. Allan MacRae learned about Murray’s plans for a new seminary, he contacted Murray to offer his assistance. MacRae would become the school’s first president and later, honorary chancellor.

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Library services

The BTS library is a member of ATLA, SEPTLA, and TCLC, which means that as a student at BTS, you can borrow books from and study at 50+ academic libraries in the tri-state area and 70+ across the country. All you need is your student ID and a letter from us confirming that you’re a student in good standing.

Souderton, Pennsylvania, United States