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EISTI Graduate Engineering School

As an engineering school officially recognised by the State and made competent by the CTI (French Engineering accreditation institution) the EISTI’s vocation is to train future engineers in Mathematics and Computering. 

Master's Programmes

Business & Management (2)
Computer Science & IT (1)
Natural Sciences & Mathematics (1)




  • The EISTI (Ecole Internationale des Sciences du Traitement de l’Information) opened its doors on the Cergy site


In an ever-mutating world where technologies are replaced at great speed, the EISTI has chosen to constantly adapt its teaching in the aim of leading its students to the most attractive and innovative jobs and endow them with a highly recognised and appreciated diploma.

Engineering training at the EISTI unfolds over three years following a personalised and gradual curriculum. You pick one of the two core engineering paths upon entrance to the school, Engineering Mathematics or Computer Engineering, and can then build your own personal curriculum.

At the EISTI you can really take the time to find the path that suits you best. Our teaching method aims to make you the main protagonist of your own education.


In the IT curriculum, our teaching and research staff follow their own research, bringing together PhD students and student engineers. Our laboratories favor forward-thinking research and business-related research, with the support of companies and national organizations promoting research (ANR, OSEO etc.).

This expertise also enables us to collaborate on numerous projects with businesses, universities, research organizations and engineering schools at the heart of the five centres of competitiveness: AsTech, Cap Digital, Moveo, Aero Space Valley and Systematic.


The EISTI Career Centre is a secure space dedicated to the school’s partner businesses which offers many functions. Students also have access to it. Companies can put up internship and job offers that they wish to broadcast to students there. This is a way to enhance the direct link with the recruiter. If you are a partner, posting an internship or job offer is as easy as a click on the "Leave an offer" button.

The EISTI Career Centre is also a privileged space to communicate with students: businesses can broadcast videos, presentations of their different activities or professions, recruitment event ads, challenges, etc.

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Student services

The EISTI has chosen to play a part in our globalised world through its courses by introducing lessons designed to broaden students’ cultural horizons and intercultural communication.Teaching foreign languages is also vital. On top of English, which is compulsory in the Engineering curriculum, the EISTI offers foreign language classes in German, Spanish, Italian, Mandarin and Japanese.

Housing services

Student Accomodation In Cergy:

  • Jean Baptiste de La Salle hall of residence
  • Les Lauréades
  • Les Estudines hall of residence
  • Château St-Sylvère hall of residence
  • Poséidon hall of residence
  • L’Alchimiste hall of residence
Student Accomodation In Pau:
  • Ronsard hall of residence
  • Clé des Champs hall of residence
  • Cité U. Gaston Phoebus - CROUS
  • Francis Jammes hall of residence
  • Le Thélème hall of residence
  • Clé de Sol hall of residence
  • Ernest Gabard hall of residence
  • Les Érables hall of residence
  • NEXITY hall of residence (private)

Student Life

Campus life

Our students are welcome to the campus of their choice, either in Cergy or in Pau. Built in 1989, the EISTI campus features three different buildings (Cauchy, Condorcet and Turing) adding up to a total surface area of 8400 m². Fully fitted with modern equipment (including 3 videoconference-ready amphitheatres and video projectors in every classroom) and located near the student residence, it is reachable via RER A.

The Pau campus benefits from all the main assets of a big city in a region and from the close proximity of Spain, the mountainside and the seaside. It features a building reaching close to 5000m² in the heart of town on top of the university campus.

Student clubs

Studying at the EISTI also means living life at a top engineering school where students share values and activities. Being an eistian is also a way of being and acting every day, by respecting our charter’s four values: Professionalism – Openness – Solidarity- Ethics.

Student life here is rich and full of animation, paced by the rhythm of the diverse activities that the thirty or so student societies have to offer. There has to be one made for you among them or... why not create your own?

During your years at the EISTI, we want you to be able to express your talents, develop new passions, feed on rewarding experiences, go through unforgettable moments. In a word: thrive on a personal and collective level.

Student Reviews

I would be going there in September 2014.
BHARAT NARULA rated 5 out of 5 stars
I would be going there in September 2014
The French government is providing so much incentives to int...
BHARAT NARULA rated 5 out of 5 stars
The French government is providing so much incentives to international students that your living expenses become less and also lots of scholarships are there to grab
My classes will start from
Preeti Gupta rated 5 out of 5 stars
My classes will start from 16 sep. 2013 onwards , after that i can explain.