Mevlana University

Mevlana University, realizing the mission of her name, is moving forward with her ideal of heartfelt education. In her present educational campus infrastructure, boarding and social activities have been instituted and the academic staff has been reinforced by academicians with international experiences. Our aims are to make Mevlana University compliant with international standards in educational and scientific research, and to educate qualified people and research scientists.

Master's Programmes



Our University started in 2010-2011 Academic Year with 2 faculties, 6 programs, 30 academicians and 300 students, and has become an international university growing 10 folds in three years in 2013-2014 Academic Year with 6 faculties, 3 graduate schools, 2 vocational high schools, over 40 programs including undergraduate, graduate and master programs, 150 academicians from 15 different countries and 3000 students from 40 different countries.

The medium of education for undergraduate programs of Engineering and Management Faculties is English, and Turkish for the rest. Most post-graduate programs have been planned to be in English.


Career Planning Center was established to offer consultation services to students during their study and after graduation to achieve healthy social relations and be successful. Center operates within the body of Health, Culture, and Sports Department.

Our center considers it important to bring our students and business world together. It gives academic consultancy to the students who want to pursue academic careers. Therefore, we cooperate with the universities offering education at an international level.

Global Student Satisfaction Awards 2021

GSSA 2021

The Global Student Satisfaction Awards empower students across the globe to determine the best universities of 2021. Universities with a score above 4.0 (out of 5) in any of the 8 award categories, receive Badges of Excellence. Congratulations!

Learn more about the Global Student Satisfaction Awards


Housing services

Accommodation service for students of Mevlana University is provided by agreed dormitories.

Dormitories have a peaceful and comfortable environment and facilities fully equipped in accordance with students’ needs.Dormitory Services

  • Boys Dormitory: Breakfast + Accommodation
  • Girls Dormitory: Breakfast + Accommodation
  • The service bus fee does not included.
  • Dormitories are agreed with the university, and they have their own administration.
  • Dormitory registration and rules are determined by the dormitories.
  • The rooms are 4 shared.

Library services

Our university library is established to provide, arrange and put into service all kinds of information and documents to support educational and research activities at the university. University students, academic staff and administrative personnel can benefit from all sources existing in the library under membership. People from outside of the university can use all materials only in library.

ICT services

It is possible to access internet in every corner of the university via Wi-Fi. There is access to computers and internet both at the general computer lab and at individual cabinets in the library. A mail address is given to each student at our university.

Medical services

There exists a health center comprising first aid rooms, doctor, nurse and observation lounges at our university. Operating within the body of Health, Culture, and Sports Department, Health Center offers first aid, health examinations and counseling services.

In addition, Mevlana University Hospital provides discounts for university staff and students.

Student Life

Sports facilities

Our campus has an indoor regular sports complex with a 1500 spectators capacity and open-air sports facilities.

The modern sports complex includes a fitness center with various mechanical and electronic fitness equipment, referee room, changing rooms, showers, and cafeteria. Besides on open-air sports fields, social and sportive possibilities withartificial turffield, basketball courts, volleyball courts, walking tracks are provided for the students.

Student clubs

  • Social Activities Club
  • Photography Club
  • Young Gpc Society
  • Language and Literature Society
  • Idealist Youth Society
  • Social SensitivityClub
  • Science and Technology Club
  • Renewable Energy Club
  • Robotic Club
  • Young Entrepreneurs Club
  • Computer Education and Instructional Technologies Club
  • Electrical Electronics Club
  • Music Club
  • Drama Club
  • Young Ataturkists Society
  • Healthy Life Club
  • Club of Friends of Nature
  • Young Intellectuals Club
  • Dialogue Eurasia Club


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