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Graduate School of Economic and Social Sciences, University of Mannheim

The Graduate School of Economic and Social Sciences (GESS) at the University of Mannheim specializes in programs in Business, Economics, and Social Sciences.

Master's Programmes



Our 11 full-time three to five year PhD programs pave the path for you to become an independent researcher. Our focus is on empirical and quantitative methods and their application to Business,Economics, and Social Sciences. Conduct research in a unique environment across the program disciplines. Our courses are taught by respected faculty members and enhanced by excellent libraries and resources. Take advantage of your office space in a brand new building and your personal new laptop and software.

PhD Programs

  • Business 7 
  • Economics 1
  • Social Sciences 4


Our graduates have undertaken distinguished careers in academics, industry, and government. Manyof them are currently enriching some of the best departments and research facilities worldwide asprofessors, assistant professors or post-docs.

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Student services

The Welcome Center of the University of Mannheim is the central consultation and service point forinternational students and researchers. It gives advice on issues such as immigration, housing,practical training and transactions with foreign governments.

Housing services

A huge selection of housing options helps students to quickly become familiar with Mannheim and its surroundings.

Library services

Search the international collections of the Mannheim University Library. It provides more than 100million books, e-books, journals, magazines, papers, and DVDs.

ICT services

First-class IT systems and software

Student Life

Campus life

The University of Mannheim is beautifully located in the largest baroque palace in Germany, right inthe inner city of Mannheim.Besides an excellent research environment, discover a wide range of sports and recreation activities.The university offers more than 80 different sports activities and over 400 courses. Enjoya fully equipped fitness center or a wide variety of ball, combat or watersports, yoga,and many more. You need a sports buddy? The Insitute of Sports will help you find one.You love singing or playing an instrument? Join our university choir or the symphonyorchestra. Both have a different concert program each semester.

Sports facilities

The University of Mannheim is offering a broad range of athletic and fitness facilities. GESS students will have easy access to activities, classes and equipment.

Student Reviews

Really interesting courses, well prepared instructors, smal...
Anonymous rated 5 out of 5 stars
Really interesting courses, well prepared instructors, small classes , participation is always required, most of the time the final grade is an average of grades evaluating presentations, papers and participation.