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Stanmore School of Business

When you choose Stanmore School of Business, you're choosing an experience that will challenge and inspire you. We are a decade old institution offering wide range of courses in the field of business management ranging from diplomas to degrees to students worldwide.



We at Stanmore are transforming the higher education experience. Our programmes are designed to support your academic aspirations, your lifestyle, and your long-term goals. With responsive, innovative qualifications, world class curriculum and flexible study options, we help you in realising your full potential.


As our staff – past and present – will tell you, Stanmore School of Business is an amazing place to work. We aim to inspire our staff within a dynamic and supportive working environment. Our diverse workforce supports our international reputation for excellence in teaching and research. Our qualifications give you the skills to succeed and make a difference in the workplace. We offer programmes ranging from Business Management to Information Technology - delivered 100 percent online.

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Our programmes help you in developing competency to attain global aspirations. All programmes are fully recognised by Qualifi, UK - an awarding body regulated by OFQUAL - the UK government's qualifications regulator. The programmes have relevant international content and are applicable and accepted world wide.