University West

University West in Trollhättan is a modern university which offers education collaborating with work-life in an attractive and modern study environment.

Master's Programmes

Engineering & Technology (3)



The university offers study programmes, second cycle programmes and a variety of courses in computing and IT, economy and leadership, health and care, teaching and languages, media, the individual and society as well as technology.


Research is conducted within the areas of technology, social science, health and caring sciences and the humanities. Work integrated learning constitutes an important, interdisciplinary, field of research. There is a strong connection between the research conducted at University West and the undergraduate education.


Student services

To help organize the reception of University West’s international students in cooperation with the university’s International Office. International Student Representatives help by meeting incoming students at Landvetter airport and/or Trollhättan’s train station, by giving them information relating to their studies at University West and by helping the International Office with the planning of the General Introduction Days for new international students.

Housing services

In Sweden, on-campus housing is not very common. This option is not available at University West, instead student accommodation for Swedish and international students is arranged by the municipal landlord Eidar Housing AB. 

Library services

The library serves as an advanced information center for college students and staff. There are plenty of study places where you as a student are close to books, computers and staff that facilitate your studies.

ICT services

With this IT Introduction we hope that you as a new student will get help with getting started with the University West IT services.

Student Life

Campus life

Campus is located in the heart of Trollhättan, easily accessible and close to culture, trade and beautiful walks around the canal. The student environment is vibrant; there are a variety of students with different backgrounds, student unions and collaboration with working life. You are met by an inspiring and functional study environment with plenty of meeting and study places - the best conditions to develop in a creative and stimulating environment.

Student clubs

On campus there are open, modern study areas and plenty of group rooms. In addition to those found in the study landscape areas and library, there are a number of group rooms on each floor. The group rooms provide opportunities for group work and studies. There are also sports and drama rooms as well as a Creative Center. International students, the Student Union and Drivhuset also contribute to a living and active environment.