Economics and Innovation University in Lublin

The mission of WSEI is to prepare the highly qualified professionals, who will be able to meet European standards and who then reinforce the human resources potential and enhance the capacity of local government institutions in terms of public finance management, strategic planning or absorption and management of EU funds.



University of Economics and Innovation in Lublin (WSEI) was established on the strength of the permission of the Minister of Education and Sport of 24th October 2000. WSEI is registered in the register of vocational higher education institutions in the Ministry of Science and Higher Education under the number 57.


After 10 year life, the university has 11 degree programmes on its offer in academic year 2010/2011, of which 4 faculties with undergraduate and graduate programmes, uniformed studies at master's level in Psychology and 3 faculties of engineering profile. At present we are awaiting the authorization of Ministry of Science and Higher Education to run the doctoral studies at the Faculty of Psychology.


In 2010 year, thanks to invaluable support of Minister Krzysztof Hetman, WSEI has obtained the 17 mln worth grant for laboratories of transport and computer sciences. From now on, our didactic infrastructure in terms of modernity will be the best one in the Lublin Region. The Board of Lublin Voivodship with the Marshal Krzysztof Grabczuk put a significant contribution to our success trough financial support, for which I would like to give him my thanks. New building facilities are necessary for further development of education activity as well as carrying out cutting-edge research activity.


The WSEI Careers Office was established on 23rd December 2002, initiated by the Polish Foundation of the Opportunities Industrialization Centres "OIC Poland", the School Authorities and the Students' Board.The WSEI Careers Office arouses interest of students, who often visit the office in order to get advice how to write application documents or prepare to interview.In more difficult professional decisions, students can ask for advice psychologists working in the Psychology Centre of Diagnosis and Therapy of the "OIC Poland" Foundation.The Careers Office runs its activity in a few fields. T

Master's Programmes

Social Sciences (1)


Housing services

The students and staff who come to WSEI under various grant programmes are assigned accommodation from the pool of places available in residence halls. There is the possibility to choose the rooms in the one-, two-, three- and four- room apartments. The rooms are fully furnished and equipped. You can choose one-bad, two-bad and three-bad rooms, as well as personal apartment on the ground floor of the building.

Residence hall has also:

  • a self-service laundry;
  • a fast Internet;
  • an underground parking lot;
  • an excellent location – next to the bus stop, and close to the Old Town city.

Library services

Also a computerized library with a reading room equipped with a permanent connection to the Internet, has been built for students and staff of WSEI.

The book collection of WSEI has more than 55 000 copies of books from various fields of science. Readers of the WSEI Library can use the library collections of other libraries and online collections.

ICT services

Students can use an internet cafe, as well as the separated areas where they can preparefor classes. In the whole building, there are computers with Internet access, free Wi-Fi is available from any point.

Student Life

Campus life

Students and staff of WSEI can benefit from comfortable learning and working conditions. The university has its own modern didactic base, with an area of 12 000 m². This base contains: 6 lecture halls, 5 large classrooms, 5 computer labs and 40 classrooms for classes and seminars.

Classrooms are equipped with modern multimedia equipment. WSEI has also 17 modern teaching laboratories equipped with unique scientific and research, which can be used by staff and students of WSEI.

Sports facilities

Students of WSEI can also actively relax and develop their sporting passions, using the gym and the sports hall of the area of 310.8 m² with an adjacent sanitary facilities. Motorists have an access to a secure car park.