European Academy for Education and Social Research

The European Academy for education and social research is an institution addressed at developing a better Europe through the knowledge sharing and a research based use of the Information and Communication Technologies. The European Academy for education and social Research achieves its education aim through the European Projects Academy.



The courses are tailored to provide a collaborative and stimulating environment for leaning through in-class lectures, case studies and workshops led by professors, project managers, consultants and European affair advisors. Each course also includes individual work on My Europa platform, that is a web-based lifelong eLearning platform designed to develop European projects.

The My Europa platform fosters the use of the Information and Communication Technologies in order to create a new generation of professionals able to use the European funds more efficiently, enhancing the absorption capacity of the involved stakeholders and lowering the overall costs of the entire lifecycle of European projects.


The social research of European Academy is not only linked to the development of My Europa platform (that is based on the results of a research project of the European Projects Association) but also refers to researches conducted by our scientific staff and collaborators in the field of European Affairs.

Master's Programmes