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European Academy in Berlin

As a disseminator of knowledge the Academy aims to explain policies and politics and to communicate European political connections. By strengthening the critical ability of each individual citizen, EAB in this way makes its contribution towards a vital civil society in Germany and in Europe.

Master's Programmes



Freie Universität Berlin was founded in 1948 by professors and students, in response to the persecution faced by students who took a critical eye of the system at Universität Unter den Linden, at that time located in the Soviet sector of the divided city. 


An undergraduate degree program is a study program that leads to the student’s first degree or diploma for higher education. This category includes Bachelor’s degree programs, but also programs toward the state exam (Staatsexamen), Diplom or Magister degrees. Master’s degree programs, by contrast, are always graduate programs, which means that admission always requires that the student has successfully completed an undergraduate program first. In Germany, agreements laid out by the Conference of Education and Cultural Affairs (Kultusministerkonferenz) state that undergraduate programs that lead directly to a master’s degree are not permitted.


Freie Universität Berlin is not only the site of education for over 30,000 students across 11 departments, but also offers a wide array of possibilities for those just starting out in a particular occupation, such as vocational training, opportunities for cooperative academic education and vocational training, and traineeships in administration.

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Housing services

The Academy hotel has 32 hotel rooms, of which 20 are double, 10 are single and 2 are three-bed rooms. All our hotel rooms were newly re-decorated in 2011 furnished in modern yet comfortable styles and approved by the German hotel association in the 3-star (***) superior category.

Medical services

The occupational health promotion activities within the scope of the “FUndament Gesundheit” program at Freie Universität include designing working conditions to be conducive to health and a wide array of measures to improve the working climate and employee motivation.

Student Life

Sports facilities

The University Sports Center offers all employees an attractive exercise program near the workplace. The center’s offerings are varied and extensive, ranging from team and individual sports to martial arts and relaxation and covering almost all facets of sports and exercise.

Student Reviews

My experience with academics
Anonymous rated 5 out of 5 stars

Academic life has been a great impact to my life and everything around me generally,academics has help to enlighten me and expose me to how are good and developed nations should be run

Always Heart broken
Anonymous rated 1 out of 5 stars

As it's obviously that the university is like a joke doesn't even seem to be on your list of schools that's the way it is in real life. Studying under very poor environment,taking excess classes and unnecessary courses,everything about the school like in the 70's Awful that's all i have to say about it

My Academic experience
Anonymous rated 4 out of 5 stars

My learning experience at my university was extremely well and I got very good grade and remarkable results in my Mhil in European studies I also visited Salzburg Seminar Austria I have good teaching experience I visited Lomkokwing university in Malaysia I also remain as PhD student in Management now willing to do phd in European studies

Berlin Steglitz Zehlendorf, Berlin, Germany


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