University of Oradea

The mission of the University of Oradea is to provide education and research to a high standard of quality in a national and international context of social, professional and, last but not least, intellectual development of the individual, and at the same time to contribute to social and cultural development of Oradea. 



In May 1990, by a decree of the Romanian government, the Technical University was founded following some prestigious academic traditions of Oradea. Later on, the name of the university was changed in University of Oradea.


In the last 22 years, the University answered the changes occurred within the national- educational policy, demographic changes, requirements of the market economy, local and regional needs and new technologies.

All these changes have led to new expectations from students, academic and administrative staff. University of Oradea offers to our students the necessary training to contribute to society development. This training is conducted in 15 faculties which offers a wide range of initial training and postgraduate courses.


  • University of Oradea aims to develop scientific research so that it becomes an essential support in the training process , in order to increase performance by providing quality educational services research processes , the utility projects and research results.
  • Research strategy is developed based on the latest trends and strategies at national and international level and is consistent with the Strategic Plan. 
  • Research activities are carried under the supervision of Vice-Rector in charge of research and Scientific Research Council of the University of Oradea.

Master's Programmes

Engineering & Technology (1)


Housing services

Operation and accommodation in students' dormitories are governed by the Regulation of organization and operation of the dormitories, canteen and other facilities that provide services for students and the Framework Regulation of the University of Oradea on the accommodation in students’ dormitories:

  • Two dormitories of our University located in campus, accommodation capacity: 892 seats.

  • A new dormitory located in the campus is in completion stage (402 seats)

  • A rented dormitory from the City Hall of Oradea, Str. Poienitei no. 25, with the accommodation capacity of 300 seats

Library services

  • Established in 1963, as library of the Pedagogical Institute, the University of Oradea Library has acquired, since 1990, an encyclopedic value.
  • The new main building of the Library, whose inauguration took place in 2010, has a floor area of 7,650 square meters on 5 levels of the building. They allow organizing collections fields and specializations in the 5 reading rooms.

Student Life

Student clubs

ASUO - The Students 'Association of Oradea University was established in the spring of 2003, in response to the students' desire to have a representative student organization at University level. The start-up initiative began to materialize in February 2003, so that on 9 May 2003, ASUO would acquire the legal personality.