Formerly known as l'Institut Supérieur d'Agriculture de Lille, ISA Lille is a French Graduate School of Agriculture and Bio-Engineering, proudly offering comprehensive Master’s programs in the fields of Agriculture, Food Science, Environmental Science, and Agricultural Economics and Marketing. Our students study in French and/or English, enhancing their international exposure and employability.

Top reasons to study here

  • ISA Lille's strategic plan encourages entrepreneurship through education, innovation, research and internationalization.
  • We are training future managers who develop and cultivate expertise, entrepreneurship, curiosity and open-mindedness throughout their studies.
  • Thanks to extensive professional immersion in our programs, ISA graduates are ready to face the challenges of the globalized job market.

Master's Programmes

Environmental Studies & Earth Sciences (2)
Agriculture & Forestry (1)
Applied Sciences & Professions (1)
Engineering & Technology (1)



Since 1963, ISA Lille has remained at the forefront of expertise, professional development, and innovation in the fields of Agriculture, Food Science, Environmental Science and Agricultural Economics and Marketing. Our close, established research and industrial partnerships in France and abroad guarantee constant evolution in our pedagogical strategies and diversity in our learning outcomes.


ISA offers Master's programs in Agricultural Science, Food Science, Environmental Science and Agricultural Economics and Marketing.

Our first goal is to provide you with a strong scientific foundation. Then, we give you the freedom to explore your own professional objectives under individual and constructive guidance. As an ISA student, you will gain authentic professional experience through internships, industrial projects, codesign workshops, site visits, and study tours.

Through our fresh pedagogical approach, ISA cultivates a knowledgeable, curious, adaptable, and accomplished workforce. Our graduates are ready to face the environmental, agricultural, economic, and food challenges of an ever-changing world.


ISA Lille maintains state-of-the-art research facilities, welcoming collaboration with local, regional, national, and international partners. Working closely with universities and research institutes—as well as industry ranging from local farms to the R&D departments of global corporate leaders—allows ISA a broad perspective of current topics. Most importantly, ISA students gain firsthand experience in research by observing and participating in authentic studies as part of their training. If you wish to work on a PhD after your studies, ISA provides an exceptional base and committed support for doctoral scholarship.


ISA Lille graduates are well-rounded and engaged leaders, equipped with scientific, technical, intercultural and managerial skills. Our alumni hold executive positions in various industries, departments, and companies all over the world. Our alumni network is always ready to welcome ISA students for internships, professional collaboration, and jobs.

Over the years, ISA has developed a solid network of business partners in France and abroad, with whom we collaborate frequently through industrial projects and professional visiting lecturers. ISA also organizes an annual Career Fair, where companies present internship and job opportunities to our students.

See each major for more specific career paths.


Student services

Even before you arrive in Lille, ISA makes sure you have the support you need. From enrollment and getting a visa, to finding housing, insurance and banking, our International Relations Office is there for you. We also accompany you throughout your studies, providing much appreciated support while you adjust to your new life in France.

We are not a huge school, so you will get the know our staff well during the application and enrollment process! Orientation sessions help you get to know the particularities of ISA and French universities.

Housing services

While we don’t manage housing directly, we work closely with Lille Catholic University Residence Halls to help students find the most convenient housing options. There are many residence halls on or near campus, helping students keep transportation costs to a minimum.

Library services

Our library provides students a quiet place to study within the school, as well as access to the Lille Catholic University's catalog of print and electronic resources, including subscriptions to journal database and interlibrary loan.

ICT services

On campus wi-fi and computer labs are supported by our IT service, always available to help students with any connectivity issues.

Medical services

The university health center, accessible to all students, is located just across the street from ISA Lille. All enrolled students are covered by French social security health insurance.

Student Life

Campus life

ISA is found in an ideal location in the heart of the Lille Catholic University campus, the largest private University in France. The campus is surrounded by green areas and parks, downtown Lille and its beautiful old city. Everything you need is found nearby, keeping transportation costs and time to a minimum.

The city of Lille enjoys a great, central location, with regular direct trains to Paris (1-hour), Brussels (30-minute) and London (1h20 minutes). With a local airport and daily flights to the main European capitals in less than 3 hours, Europe is at your doorstep!

Lille is an ideal home for discovering Europe.

Student clubs

The city of Lille is in the top 3 university center of France, in terms of students population (+160,000 students). The numerous clubs and associations on and off campus animate student life with a lot of events: music, sport, theatre, cooking, art, …

ISA Lille hosts over 50 student associations, open to all students. Our student association, Melt’ISA, provides buddies for international students to contact before coming to ISA. These buddies are also available to welcome students when they arrive and to give advice and support throughout the year.


ISA Lille is recognized and accredited by the Commission des Titres d'Ingénieur (Committee of French Engineer title) and by the French Ministries of Education and Agriculture.