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Catholic University of Ávila

The Catholic University of Ávila offers the student an integral education, uniting culture, study and research, and a high and solid academic, professional and human formation.It aims at a modern and agile education, adapted to the social and labour demands of today's world, and to the intellectual concerns of each student. Our University interacts and is fully integrated and committed to the society in which it lives. 

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The Catholic University of Ávila was founded on August 24, 1996 under the tutelage of the Bishopric of Ávila and thanks to the commitment of the main social and business forces of the city. The University's priority is to achieve the highest quality both in teaching and in the services it offers to its students, and in the work of its members. It is structured in two campuses in the city of Ávila.


Pretend a modern and agile education, adapted to the social and labour demands of today's world, and to the intellectual concerns of each student. It combines both classroom and online training, thus facilitating access to knowledge from anywhere in the world. All students have a platform that allows them to access live classes. They also have manuals and complementary material. 


  • Publications in indexed journals (from July 2017) : 45
  • Research Groups: 17
  • Intellectual property registries : 
  • patents: 3
  • utility models: 2
  • R+D+i projects :27
  • Centre for the Analysis of the Natural Environment


  • 303 degrees
  • 14 University degrees
  • 16 University Masters
  • 273 qualification from Ucavila

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Student services

The university has classrooms equipped with the latest technologies to develop classes interactively. It also has workshops and laboratories for physiotherapy, a mechanical engineering degree and a hospital simulation classroom for in-person nursing students and health studies. It also has a chapel, reprographics service, conference rooms, library and recreational and catering areas. The fields on Calle Canteros have large green areas.

Housing services

The Catholic University of Ávila does not have accommodation for students but it does have an agreement with university residences in the city where you can stay and enjoy all the comforts.

Library services

Both campuses have a library equipped with a study area, and a study area. For both reference and loan publications. Has 617 paper books and 1949 electronic books. It also has journals, databases and in-house publications. 

ICT services

Yes, all classes have a digital whiteboard, wifi connection and specific classrooms equipped with computers and network connection. At all times the students and staff of the University have the support of qualified technicians who resolve any incidents that may arise in the development of the classes. 

Medical services

Hospitals and health centers are located off campus but are well communicated for travel by car and public transportation. There is a health center 20 minutes walk from the University. 

Student Life

Campus life

  • The Catholic University of Ávila is located in the city of Ávila and has two campuses, one on Calle Canteros and the other on Avenida de la Inmaculada. Both campuses are 1 hour and 15 minutes by car from Madrid-Barajas airport. There is also communication by train or bus.
  • The University is divided into three faculties: the Faculty of Sciences and Arts, the Faculty of Social and Legal Sciences and the Faculty of Health Sciences.

Sports facilities

One of the aims of the Catholic University of Ávila is to contribute to its environment and help the province's sports institutions. There are already more than 30 clubs in which the University is collaborating, granting scholarships and aid to study in Ucavila. 

Student clubs

The university has a University Extension group that has a choir, a theatre group, organises reading clubs and various volunteer activities in which every student can participate.


The programmes of the Catholic University of Ávila (UCAVILA) are officially accredited by national accreditation agency ACSUCYL Spain.

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