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ESDES Lyon Business School

A business school committed to the emergence of a responsible economy within a globalized and digital world. Its research and unique positioning create a distinctive training brand of “responsible manager-entrepreneur” by ESDES.  ESDES is the Business School of the Lyon Catholic University (UCLy). The school delivers Bachelor and Master programs which welcome both French and international students



ESDES was born more than 30 years ago within the Lyon Catholic University (UCLy), a 140-year-old multidisciplinary university (law, economics, science, humanities, etc.)Ideally located in the center of Lyon, ESDES benefits from a dynamic economic environment and, being within the 1st industrial region in France, offers many internship and employment opportunities, at the heart of Europe.


ESDES is a member of the Conférence des Grandes Écoles (CGE), a consortium bringing together the top 40 French Business Schools. 

ESDES delivers a Master Degree (graduate program) which is recognized and awarded by the Ministry of Higher Education and Research as well as a 3-year Bachelor Degree (undergraduate program), which both welcome French and international students. Both programs give the chance to follow the entire curriculum in English, go abroad in one of 130+ partner universities and have hands-on experience through various internship opportunities.

The 360 Pedagogy combines management methods and tools, development of managerial skills, and general culture & multiculturalism.


ESDES has since long given a strong priority to research in corporate and social responsibility and has produced significant work in the field of Social Responsibility Ethics and Social Entrepreneurship.

Research effort has been organized along three consistent axes at the junction of management, economics, human and social sciences. They feed the curriculum, provide students with insight (through case studies and textbooks), and enable them to take a more critical view of the many societal challenges arising from the transformation of the economy.

As evidence of the endorsement of ESDES pedagogy and research programs by national and international companies, several large companies fund research chairs at ESDES.


ESDES students benefit from a very personalized approach to career counselling, from the very first day they arrive on campus.Thanks to this individualized career advising, a recent study shows that 75% of our students find a job before graduation (90% find a job in less than 3 months).

As we offer very diverse specializations (13 in total) career opportunities are very varied. Recent positions held by our alumni include: Brand Manager, CFO, chartered accountant, asset manager, projects manager, business developer, consultant, HR director, supply chain manager, country risk manager, marketing manager, sales director, corporate lawyer…

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Student services

In addition to providing top level student services for our international students, including housing services, administrative assistance for health and housing insurance, students visa processing, course selection and so on, we also provide a wonderful array of opportunities for students to experience the language and culture of France.

Every semester numerous trips and activities are planned and we sincerely hope that students will participate in as many as possible. These activities are designed for students to experience the cultural heritage of Lyon, and provide the perfect social opportunities to meet fellow students.

Housing services

ESDES students live in many different places, not only in the city center but also on the outskirts of town. The Lyon public transport network is quick and efficient and gives students additional options for accommodation.Rents in Lyon vary widely depending on the type of accommodation a student is seeking. Below is an estimate of what monthly rents will cost: 

  • Basic dorm room with shared bathroom: €250-400
  • Room with a family: €660 (breakfast & dinner is provided
  • An independent studio efficiency: from €500. The University has developed a specific platform to help students find accommodation. 

Library services

The library contains almost 400,000 documents, including 760 journal titles, 6,000 online magazines and 15,000 ebooks. Modern sources directly accessible to the public are located on the two campuses.

 There is also a large number of municipal and university libraries open to the public in Lyon.

ICT services

Computer rooms are accessible to all students. The school also offers Free WiFi hotspots.

Medical services

In France, state health insurance covers most (around 70%) of your health and hospitalization costs: this is known as 'social security'.

Social security does not cover all healthcare costs, so it is advisable take out a policy with an insurance company who will reimburse the rest of the costs.

On campus, there are health facilities offering medical exams and counselling services.

Student Life

Campus life

In July 2015, ESDES moved to the brand new campus. The former prison of Lyon was transformed to the high-tech equipped university campus Saint Paul. The campus is ideally located in the city center of Lyon. 35 000 sq. m includes:

  • Amphitheaters
  • IT department and computer rooms
  • Educational Facilities
  • Exposition halls
  • Student’s Cafeteria
  • Gym
  • Student’s Facilities
  • Library
The Lyon Catholic University has a second campus located 10 minutes by walk from campus Saint Paul. 

Sports facilities

On campus, students have access to a modern gym with a panoramic view on the city.

Numerous student associations offer teams and facilities for the practice of sports (soccer, ski, dance…)

On top of the modern gym which students can use on campus, there are a number of other sports facilities around campus.

Student clubs

The International Student Club is an association that is specifically dedicated to International Students.

If you would like to take part in an association there are a number of different student associations at ESDES which are open to International students.


The school is currently engaged in the process of acquiring two international accreditations: AACSB and EPAS.