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Münster University of Applied Sciences was founded on 1 August 1971 after the merger of public and private schools of construction and engineering and vocational training institutions.


We teach and learn in a variety of disciplines and are interested in different fields of employment - in all departments, in Bachelor's, Master's and Doctoral programs, in full-time and continuing education courses, in Münster, Steinfurt and other locations, in the classroom and online. Taking into account our students' different backgrounds and needs, we strive to prepare them for their lives, both at work and in society.


By pooling our interdisciplinary expertise and creating synergies with our industry partners, we are able to create high-performing research structures. Institutes with committed teams conduct solution-oriented research and make the results accessible to society at large.

We offer our students cooperative doctoral procedures. Subject-specific junior research groups, the university's own Doctoral Studies Program and a state-wide post-graduate institute at the Federal State level ensure excellent quality standards.


The Careers Service will help you to make the transition from higher education to employment. We provide training, information and one-on-one consultation on all matters related to career guidance, searching and applying for jobs, and choosing your first job.

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GSSA 2021

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Student services

The continuous development in the international orientation of FH Münster - University of Applied Sciences and constant promotion of international mobility has become one of our leading goals.

The university has a wide range of contacts with institutions all over the world. These partnerships should be intensified through constant exchanges.

Housing services

Single rooms - Unless otherwise indicated, all single rooms have between 2 and 4 showers/toilets per corridor as well as one shared kitchen per corridor. 

Studio flats - Each flat is equipped with a shower/toilet and a partly furnished kitchen/mini kitchen.

Multi-room flats - The apartments can only be rented to a group wanting to share. The group must consist of three, four or five students depending on the number of rooms available, e.g. a 4-room flat for four students. All multi-room apartments are equipped with a partly furnished kitchen.

Library services

  • Branch Library FHZ
  • Branch Library Steinfurt
  • Branch Library Hüfferstiftung
  • Library of Architecture, Design and Fine Arts

Student Life

Campus life

Our location in the centre of Westphalia has its unique charm and offers a wealth of amenities. Münster is a multifaceted city with an outstanding quality of life, including in education. The old town teems with tradition and history; the harbour radiates innovation and creativity. The city's residents reflect the city's motto - "Knowledge and savoirvivre": educated and cosmopolitan, at the same time sociable and selfdetermined.

Halfway between Münster and the dutch city of Enschede is Steinfurt. The urban district has a historical old town surrounded by numerous areas for outdoor activities such as the extensive Bagnopark. The town offers a family-friendly environment.


Since November 2011, the study programmes of our faculty have been accredited within the framework of the system accreditation of the FH Münster - University of Applied Sciences. The call for quality assurance in the higher education sector was accommodated by the establishment of the Accreditation Council in 1998.

Student Reviews

Not recommended
Anonymous rated 3 out of 5 stars

You won’t have any free time.. it’s a very hard study program and I actually can’t really recommend it

Very Good City as a Student
Anonymous rated 3 out of 5 stars

Münster is a very beautiful City to study in, very green, a lot of students, a very bike friendly city etc. I only experienced the FH during Covid, so online. It is not the most beautiful Campus Bit very acceptable.

Very complicated process but great professors
Anonymous rated 4 out of 5 stars

My study experience was great in terms of the course components. The disadvantages for me is that the students are overloaded with theoretical information. Also the student website is not very straight forward, this could confuse a lot of students. You do not receive enough support to actually get to know about the course.

Münster, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany

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