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ECE Paris - Graduate School of Engineering

Transforming students to become the next leading engineers to integrate in the creative world of cutting edge technology. Founded in 1919, ECE Paris is committed to training students in science and technology focusing on emerging information and communications technology

Master's Programmes

Natural Sciences & Mathematics (1)



95 years of history: ECE Paris was inaugurated in 1919 in Paris, under the name Ecole Centrale de TSF (Central University for Wireless Telegraph). The school opened its doors in the aftermath of the First World War under the leadership of a young Petty Officer named Eugene Poirot. Being quite the visionary, the former radio operator took up the challenge of opening a school fully dedicated to teaching the cutting-edge technology that he considered essential to the future communication industry. 


ECE Paris trains non-specialized and high-tech engineers eager to contribute to the major societal challenges of today and tomorrow. During their studies in France and abroad, ECE Paris students acquire expertise in the major sectors of industry, manufacturing, energy, construction, transportation, trade and distribution, finance, insurance , administration, health, education, culture and media.


Research and innovation play important roles at any respected engineering school. Each year, 25% of all our students, are involved in research projects or specific research courses.


Once becoming innovative engineers and courted by businesses, all students become dedicated to playing a role in contributing to a more efficient economy. ECE Paris prepares them for this by teaching science and high technology and by allowing them to put together their own personalized curriculum.

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Student services

Once you have been accepted into ECE, the International Relations Department will be your main point of contact to complete administrative and logistical matters prior to your arrival in Paris. The International Relations Department is responsible for all arriving non-French students studying at ECE, as well as all ECE French students leaving to study abroad.

Student Life

Campus life

The central Paris campus, being well situated, modern, open and connected, facilitates the intervention of French and international professionals, conferences and business meetings. The campus is organized to combine academic success with quality of life.


  • Modern infrastructure steps away from the Eiffel Tower
  • A garden courtyard
  • Lecture halls accommodating up to 400 students
  • Wifi access
  • A cafeteria with a patio
  • Student lounge areas

Sports facilities

The Sports council is responsible for managing ECE sports events. It offers individual and team sports and organizes weekly workouts and practices in each discipline. It is in charge of signing up ECE teams in academi- competitions (FFSU) and certain tournaments. The Sports council organizes a ski holiday and sends ECE Paris athletes to the CDMGE, the World Challenge des Grandes Ecoles.

Student clubs

Whether you are humanitarian, sporting, artistic, fun or gourmet at heart, you will be pleased to know that ECE Paris is home to over thirty associations that regularly organize events. Yet another opportunity to discover new things and new people, build relationships, get a change of focus and expand your horizons.


  • ECE Paris Master’s degree is accredited by the CTI Comission des Filtres d’Ingénieurs (Engineering Education Commission), by the European Research Council (erc) and by the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research.
  • ECE Paris is a member of the Conférence des Grandes Ecoles (CGE, an elite association of business and engineering schools), the Laureate International Universities, the CDEFI (an association of French Engineering directors), the UGEI (Union of Larger Independent Universities), Paris Development, Erasmus, Eurace and Campus France.

Student Reviews

Nice but i wish we could choose more by ourselves
Anonymous rated 4 out of 5 stars

I liked the diversity of social and economics lessons, such as ethics, working in a company and comptability. I didn't like the fact of studying some specific courses that i don't like in the first placeand that i know i will never do again after i specialize. Especially the fact of needing to have a good mark enough to continue the studies. The life in an university's...

Anonymous rated 5 out of 5 stars

thanks for attention

Anonymous rated 2 out of 5 stars

Yes, if you go to Paris and study there, don't take the homework too serious. You will pass, even if you don't spend a lot of work in it. I spend way too much work in the homeworks and had 7 pages of information where local students had 1, and we got equal amount of points so just, don't take everything so seriously because they're actually really relaxed in Paris. If only...