Kaliningrad State Technical University

Having been founded on the basis of Moscow Technical Institute for the Fishery Industry, Kaliningrad State Technical University (KSTU) is justly considered as the beginning of Russian higher fishery education and a range of scientific schools in navigation, commercial fishery, and progressive technologies of food production. At present, it develops as a multi-disciplinary institution considering the demands and the economic potential of the Region, maintaining traditions of high quality specialist training for the fishery industry.



13 July 1913 is widely known as the birth day of the future University. On this day the last emperor of Russia Nicholas II endorsed the law about “Foundation of fishlore department in Moscow Agricultural Institute”.


  • Bachelor’s Degree
  • Specialist Diploma
  • Master’s Degree


KSTU Scientific Research Office regularly monitors research activities and every year determined priority research areas for the University academic staff. Today these are the following:

  • Aquaculture and aquatic biological resources management
  • Methods and technology of food raw material processing
  • Rational nature management
  • Food biotechnology
  • Power engineering and Power consumption

Master's Programmes


Library services

The library is one of the main structural units of the University necessary for a successful training process.

The presents of Russian universities, prvate libraries, and special books of the oldest Moscow universities' collections primarily formed library stocks.