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Studying Energy & Power Engineering

Energy and power engineering degrees focus on energy efficiency issues by studying ways to reduce energy loads and increase system performance. This subject is closely related to environmental protection, as part of the alternative energy engineering sub-discipline. Specialisations in energy and power engineering include topics related to electrical systems, energy management, economic engineering, applied informatics, and more.

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Studying in France

Except for universities for architecture, arts and design as well as engineering & management, France is also famous for its good food and wine. The French universities offer a broad range of programmes, no matter if you study in Paris, Nancy or Bordeaux.

Applying to a Master's in France

If you've decided to study a Master's degree at a university in France, you will have to gather the right documents to prove that you fit the application requirements. The documents and forms you will have to gather and fill in are:

  • Your passport or ID card;

  • Copies of graduation diplomas and your transcript of records;

  • A registration fee;

  • A copy of your European health insurance card (if you're an EU citizen);

  • CV and motivation letter;

  • English language certificate like TOEIC, TOEFL, or IELTS.

Additionally, you might also be asked to provide proof that you can fund your stay in France, a social security fee and a civil liability certificate. If you want to apply for the fall admission, the deadlines are between the beginning of February and start of April. For the spring admission session, you should apply by 15th of September.

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24 Energy & Power Engineering Master's degrees in France

M.Eng. Operations

A strong partnership with major industrial actors of the nuclear industry has been established. Industry professionals contribute to significant part of the courses. The course is fully taught in English. The M2 is aimed to be a reference at both the national and the international level. The Master Degree in Operations is offered by Paris-Saclay University.

Master Energy - International track

One of the world’s most pressing challenges is to meet the fast growing energy demand while at the same time reducing green house gases and pollutant emissions. The Master Degree in Energy - International track is offered by Paris-Saclay University. 

Master Renewable Energy, Science and Technology (REST)

Focusing on science, this Master in Renewable Energy, Science and Technology (REST) at Paris-Saclay University aims to give students real-world technical expertise in strategic renewable energy disciplines, as well as an in-depth understanding of the issues associated with renewable energies and their development.

Master Biomass and Waste for Energy and Materials

The objectives of BiWEM are to provide students with a sound theoretical and practical specialised knowledge in the field of biomass and waste processing. Students in the program will acquire the ability to design economically viable biological or thermochemical processes for the conversion of biomass and waste into new materials or energy carriers, within a sustainable development frame. 

M.Sc. Advanced Nuclear Waste Management

 Advanced Nuclear Waste Management specializes in nuclear waste management. It develops fundamental scientific, technical and industrial knowledge, has a particular focus on the backend of the nuclear fuel cycle, nuclear waste management, long-term safety and environmental impact assessment and provides strong insights on dismantlement and decommissioning of nuclear installations.

M.Sc. Energy for Smart Cities

The MSc Energy for Smart Cities offered by InnoEnery Master's School programme gives you a broad education in electrical and mechanical energy systems. It enables you to refine your knowledge of the electrical, thermo-mechanical and technical-economic aspects of the energy industry, and to participate fully in the design and operation of advanced energy solutions.

M.Sc. RENE - Renewable Energy

MSc RENE-Renewable Energy offered by InnoEnergy Master's School provides you with a holistic understanding of the renewable energy sector. Thanks to strong partnerships between individual universities, local innovation centres, established businesses, start-ups and local research projects, the content of all courses remains at the forefront of current engineering, industrial and business practice.

M.Eng. Energetics and propulsion (M-ENG EP)

The Master in Energetics and propulsion (M-ENG EP) at Ecole Centrale de Nantes develops skills for designing and optimizing innovative propulsion plants with a focus on thermofluid processes and energy conversion for research and industry.

Mechanical Engineering
Master Subterranean Reservoirs of Energy

The objective of this Master program is to train specialists for combined engineering and scientific careers. The strong scientific specialisation determines the difference of this master from all other master programs in this domain. We form engineers of high scientific level.

M.Sc. ENTECH - Energy Technologies

With more than 200 individual courses that cover a comprehensive range of energy technologies and related subjects, the MSc ENTECH - Energy Technologies offered by InnoEnergy Master's School is the programme for students who want to design their own study path.

M.Sc. EMINE: European Master in Nuclear Energy

The MSc EMINE - European Master's in nuclear Energy offered by InnoEnergy Master's School gives you an in-depth knowledge of the nuclear industry, and its role within the wider energy ecosystem. You receive the high-level scientific and technical education required to master the engineering complexities of nuclear power generation, as well as training in business and innovation management.

M.A. International Energy

Sciences Po's International Energy program responds rigorously to a growing worldwide demand in energy expertise, with a cutting-edge curriculum, internship program, and active series of public lectures and events with industry and government leaders. 

Sciences Po Paris School of International Affairs