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Horticulture degrees prepare specialists for the cultivation and processing of plants, including edible plants (fruits, vegetables, seeds) and ornamental plants. Horticulture courses teach future graduates about conservation techniques, landscape restoration, and garden design. Horticulturalists' work teaches us how plants provide us nutrition, reduce our carbon footprint, and aesthetically improve living spaces.

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Horticulture degrees are connected to Agriculture & Forestry degrees.
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Why study a Masters in Horticulture online?

Compare our list of 8 online Masters in Horticulture and find the right degree to study without having to travel to a physical university location. All featured online Horticulture degrees offer learning flexibility. You can study them at your own pace, from your home or workplace.

Depending on their teaching-focus and type, online Horticulture classes use either modern e-learning platforms with limited interaction, or provide access to online lectures, tutors, as well as online class meetings. Online Horticulture courses include the same specializations as on-campus Master’s degrees, at affordable tuition costs.

Online degrees in Horticulture offer working professionals the chance to upgrade their career without having to put their jobs and family lives on hold. Regardless of the online Horticulture course you choose, you will experience the benefits of learning across borders. Pick an online Master’s degree in Horticulture to develop professional skills such as time management, effective communication, independent learning and proactiveness.

Why study online?
Explore over 55 English-taught Master’s degrees in Horticulture from top universities and colleges worldwide. Find out about what yoy should expect to learn during a Horticulture degree. Compare your options and pick the best Master's in Horticulture offered by international universities and colleges.