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Pedagogy can mean the study of the theory and practice of education, but it can also refer to teaching children and young students in a personal, holistic way. In the latter sense, pedagogy might be regarded as the art of bringing up and offering basic education to children. In some European countries, pedagogy is also more related to social work, as studies in pedagogy may include childcare and early-years services, youth work, parenting and family support services, education for young offenders, or play work.

Students in pedagogy learn ways to effectively teach life-preparing knowledge such as social skills and cultural norms to their future young pupils. Modern approaches include the ability to help young learners to create their own knowledge by teaching to learn, helping them develop critical thinking, stimulate creativity, engage in self and peer assessment, and others.

Universities offer undergraduate and graduate degree programmes in pedagogy but, in some cases, Bachelor?s graduates may only practice as educational assistants. Programmes in primary school education may also be considered as part of the pedagogy discipline.

Graduates of pedagogy programmes have found employment in primary or secondary teaching, as curriculum developers, or education policy analysts. A pedagogue can also occupy various kinds of jobs, and ca work in retirement homes, prisons, orphanages, and human resource management.

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Suggested Masters in Pedagogy

M.A. Teacher Education

The Teacher Education programme from the University of Tampere welcomes teachers interested in further developing and deepening their professional competencies and contributing to building better educational contexts.

M.Sc. Gifted Education

You will investigate the conflict between stimulating talent and being fearful of doing so. Do we want people to excel? Do we dare to want it? The Master's specialisation in Gifted Education at Radboud University will challenge you to look beyond the accepted views on giftedness, beyond protocols and beyond the Netherlands.

M.S.Ed. Child Psychology

The Child Psychology programme offered by the Duquesne University will prepare you to pursue a rewarding career as an educational advocate for children. While the Child Psychology degree does not lead to the professional practice of school psychology, other options to advance your career are available to you through this program. 

United States
M.Sc. Pedagogical Sciences

The Master’s programme in Pedagogical Sciences at Radboud University has two English and six Dutch specialisations, each aimed at a certain development domain. Your programme will consist of a few general subjects and two courses that are specifically geared to your specialisation of choice.